Plux Wireless Charger Recharges All of Your Digital Life


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Plux Wireless Charger Recharges All of Your Digital Life Listen to this article

Standalone, uni-functional gear is fine, but a piece of equipment that can multitask is even better. The Plux wireless charging pad from Vinpok is one such item. It can wirelessly charge not only your phone but your Apple Watch and Airpods too, all at the same time and doing it standing up or laying flat.

Plux Wireless Charger Recharges All of Your Digital Life

Plux Wireless Charger/Images courtesy Vinpok

Plux features fast charging, Qi wireless technology with up to 10W and works with most phone cases as well. Users can easily and quickly switch from pad to stand for charging and it is offered in the choice of black or white. Shipping will begin any day with pre-order units selling for $49. For those of you with multiple rechargeable devices in your life, Plux from Vinpok is worth a look. Plux will work with other brands but is specifically designed for combination charging of Apple products that feature wireless recharging.

Plux Wireless Charger Recharges All of Your Digital Life

When I received the Plux review sample I was a bit confused at first. There are instructions for utilizing your 1m or 2m Apple cord inside Plux in order to make it compatible to charge your Apple Watch. A quick review of the Plux video and everything made perfect sense. Reassembly is a “snap”, and Vinpok includes the AirPod wireless receiver pad as well. There is also a little snap-on shelf for your AirPods recharging case when using Plux in stand mode.

Plux Wireless Charger Recharges All of Your Digital Life

Plux is a great little powerhouse for recharging in this wireless world. The flexibility of use and multi-charging capabilities are its true strength. More information can be found at The unit is specifically designed for recharging Apple devices, but as long as your device is Qi compatible it should recharge on Plux.

Plux Wireless Charger Recharges All of Your Digital Life

Source: Review sample provided by the manufacturer.

What I Like: Can be used as stand or pad, easily convertible; Multi-charging capabilities

What Needs Improvement: More explanation in the instruction booklet

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