Mega Power with RazorMega Portable Battery from myCharge

This time of year is super crazy here in Texas. As I chase the Friday Night Lights dream, I find myself constantly on the road. There are no charging stations on football fields and school buses. I always need a way to keep my phone charged often deep into the night. The RazorMega ($69.99) from MyCharge looks to be the perfect tool

The RazorMega is an insane 20,000mAh portable battery that is sure to keep you charged for a day or two. The battery measures in at 2.6″ by 0.9″ by 6.8″ and weighs one pound. The rectangular shape makes the large battery easy to handle, and it will fit in most any gear bag pockets. I love the weight of the battery since it takes some mass in order to successfully hold a charge for some time.

Mega Power with RazorMega Portable Battery from myCharge

The 20,000mAh battery includes two USB ports and is recharged via micro-USB, which is included in the package. The 2.4A output along with Hypercharge technology means the battery will recharge your devices 65% faster than most of the competition. Also included is Rapid-Recharge which allows the battery to be charged up to 50% faster than other options. All of this leads to less downtime for your devices when you really need them.

Mega Power with RazorMega Portable Battery from myCharge

I really like the pass-through charging ability. Often the night before a long football trip, I will plug my phone into the battery and charge the battery on my nightstand. In the morning, I have a complete power solution ready to go. The RazorMega holds a charge for a long time. In fact, I have not been on the road with it for two weeks, yet I pulled it out of my travel bag this morning and it still has a full charge ready to go. All of this means I spend less time worrying about the battery and my phone and more time working and being able to charge whenever I need it.

Mega Power with RazorMega Portable Battery from myCharge

I have not been able to test how many times the RazorMega will charge my phone, but I can tell you that it recharges my phone as well as both of my kids’ phones on game nights with ease, and it always has power to spare. I think the claim of charging some phones up to 10x is valid. My iPhone 8 plus is probably a lower number, but I have never needed to charge that many times without the ability to recharge the battery.

Mega Power with RazorMega Portable Battery from myCharge

The RazorMega from myCharge has been a life saver for myself and two sons already during this football season. It is so much easier when you can climb on a bus and get back at 1 or 2 am and have no worries about your devices being dead. My boys love it because it extends their music and game time while on the trips. The battery is robust enough to power any device I need for as long as my uses require, yet it is small enough to easily fit in my travel bag or gear bag without being in the way. I love the pass-through charging capability and including two USB ports is a life saver. Anytime you see me on a field or court, I can assure you that the RazorMega 20,000mAh battery is in the locker room or on the bus keeping me powered for long nights on the road. You can get one here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Crazy powerful battery that quickly charges multiple devices at once; Must have for traveling or commuting

What Needs Improvement: I only wish I had access to the battery a few years ago

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