SureCall N-Range Uses ERT to Boost Your Cellular Signal on the Road


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SureCall N-Range Uses ERT to Boost Your Cellular Signal on the Road

Have you ever held your phone up above your head (just a little higher!), hoping that the added height would improve your cell signal? No judgment; I think we’ve all tried it at least once… and then realized it doesn’t work. Something that actually will help you improve your in-car signal, though, is the SureCall N-Range cellphone signal booster.

We are at a time when vehicle technology is innovating and materials like steel and aluminum, which reflect cell phone signals, are becoming more commonly used and, all the while, the connected car is becoming more reliant on reliable access to cellular signals and connected cell phones. To overcome these challenges in the vehicle we developed an adaptable new technology that amplifies a cell signal at its strongest point to drastically improve in-vehicle connectivity. — Frankie Smith, vice president of sales at SureCall

The SureCall N-Range uses ERT, or Extended Range Technology, which is “a refined signal booster system that delivers what the team internally coined, “as good as it gets” technology for signal boosting devices.” With ERT, the cell signal is immediately amplified at its strongest point to boost the signal at maximum power before delivering the signal to your mobile device. This results in a better signal for calling, texting, and 4G/LTE data use. In other words, as long as there is a signal, the SureCall N-Range can make it better.

SureCall N-Range Uses ERT to Boost Your Cellular Signal on the Road


The N-Range is designed and built to give users the best cellular reliability for uninterrupted service when calling, texting, and streaming — even in areas with a weaker signal. It’s designed to work with all North American carriers including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Bell, Telus, Rogers, Telcel, and any other local ones not listed. The N-Range antenna magnetically attaches to the exterior of your vehicle, and the air-vent cradle mount indoor antenna gives you a “secure and hands-free hold that delivers the improved cell phone signal directly to the device.” The kit was designed to be simple to install and easy to move from one vehicle to another — just three steps, and you are done!


SureCall N-Range Uses ERT to Boost Your Cellular Signal on the Road

If you regularly drive through areas with spotty cell tower coverage where you have a signal — even if it’s not always great — you’ll want to check out the SureCall N-Range. The kit has everything you need, and it sells for $199.95. You can learn more here and place your order for one here.

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