Block Light and Rock the Night with the 1 Voice Sleep Headphones Eye Mask

I like listening to music at night as I try to fall asleep. I hate the fact that our neighbors’ kitchen light often shines right into our bedroom. Thanks to the 1 Voice Sleep Headphones Eye Mask, I can kill two burdensome nighttime birds with one stone. Soft material blocks light while speakers rock the night.

Half the time our next door neighbors leave their kitchen lights on all night. It illuminates one of our bedroom windows and, until we eventually break down and order blackout shades, it was annoying as annoying can be. That’s why I was anxious to try the 1 Voice Sleep Headphones Eye Mask. Unlike the eye masks you get at an airport store, this eye mask is made from memory foam that is covered with a soft velvet material. The result is a much thicker eye mask that is not only soft but also molds to your face for extra blackout abilities. The eye mask is fastened by an adjustable Velcro clasp, so one size fits all.

The mask has an adjustable strap that is fastened by an adjustable Velcro clasp. It lets you get a fit that is tight enough to stay in place but not so tight as to become uncomfortable. And while I find the strap tends to sit a bit too low on my neck and, as a result, can allow the mask to slide down my face a bit, with a bit of adjustment I’ve found myself able to wear it comfortably enough.

As the company notes:

The 1 Voice Sleep Headphones Eye Mask was created to help you get a comfortable night’s sleep so that you can wake up feeling rejuvenated and well-rested. The eye mask is made out of memory foam and finished with a soft velvet covering to block out light while still offering superior comfort.

That, however, is just part of what this eyemask has to offer. You see, built into the sides of the mask are small headphone speakers. Let me be honest here. The speakers aren’t of the highest quality. Also, since they sit in a fixed position inside the eye mask you may or may not find that they sit directly over your ears. Still, they are thin enough and offer the added benefit of an extra layering of memory foam built over them, so they are comfortable enough even when you lay on your side. Moreover, they deliver music directly to you so you can fall asleep to music while not disturbing your partner.

As the company notes:

The built-in over-the-ear headphones block out ambient noise to create a more peaceful environment to rest. Regardless of whether you live in a city with constant street noise, you’re on a flight next to a crying baby, or you’re sleeping next to a partner who snores — the 1 Voice Sleep Headphone Eye Mask will help you block out the outside world so you can wake up well-rested every day without the need of any sleeping aids or supplements.

I received the wired version of the 1 Voice Sleep Headphone Eye Mask. The mask itself has a small cable coming from it, and the package includes a longer cable that connects the mask to your audio source. The cable even has a volume adjustment built into it so you can increase or decrees the volume without the need to remove the mask. This does, of course, mean the mask is not compatible with the current lineup of iPhones. Fortunately, if you do use an iPhone as your audio source the company also offers a version with Bluetooth wireless connectivity for a few dollars more.

Finally, it is worth noting that the mask is machine washable. When it starts to become a bit rank all you need to do is remove the velvet cover and throw it into the wash. Once clean you can slip the memory foam and headphones back into the cover and get back to sleeping soundly despite bright lights or noises.

The 1 Voice Sleep Headphone Eye Mask isn’t a perfect solution for me. The strap sits a bit too low and the sound coming from the headphones won’t win any awards. Still, for $49.00, the 1 Voice Sleep Headphone Eye Mask is a comfortable way to block out light at night or while traveling and to enjoy enough music to block out the noises that might otherwise keep you up at night or while you travel. Check it out here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the 1 Voice Sleep Headphone Eye Mask.

What I Like: Soft material; Blocks out plenty of light; Sounds okay without disturbing your partner.

What Needs Improvement: Audio quality isn’t the best; Headstrap is a bit awkward

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