Always Get the Perfect Shot with Ztylus’ Revolver M4 Kit

Ztylus is a self-funded company known for their innovative products, some that we’ve covered previously including their Classic Revolver Kit for the iPhone 7 Plus. Attempting to reimagine an already great product, the company sent us over their new Revolver M4 case to check out.
A CES 2018 Innovation Award winner, the Revolver M4 for the iPhone X by Ztylus is a more streamlined approach for the company, which resulted in some things that I loved the most about the Classic Revolver Kit changing.

Compared to the previous models which required users to unscrew the back of their case in order to attach the companion Revolver Lens, Ztylus opted for a magnetic lens that attaches itself all without leaving your phone exposed at the rear. but this comes as a penalty, as now the new Ztylus M4 isn’t made of the metal material I grew to love. It takes some getting used to, and if you’re a fan of having a little bit of weight in your hand while carrying your iPhone X, you won’t receive that here as the case is now silicone, and super lightweight. Again this may not be a problem for some, but as someone who’s not really a fan of silicone cases, I would’ve preferred the original setup. Sure, I’d probably have to sacrifice the wireless charging due to the thickness of the case, but I’m actually more of a fan of plugging my phone in.

The M Series Revolver iPhone X case comes included with an M4 lens. Just like previous models before, you can flip the lens that you desire out courtesy of Ztylus’ Quickflip technology and it will align automatically with your iPhone X.

I received the Wolverine Blue M Series and it’s beautiful. With its unique design, it actually looks great on the case, and when it’s not there, there’s still a design of it there so when you don’t want the added bulk of the lens you’ll still get the design around the center.

The metal plate on the case that you’d typically connect the lens to has plenty of uses, including attaching to your car’s car mount. I’ve never used this as I have a normal mount but this may be great for you.

Each of the lens work as they should, and it’s actually pretty awesome to use when out and about.

With three settings, Fisheye/Telephoto; Wide/Telephoto, and Macro/Super Macro, this is a perfect accessory to have while traveling or even just day-to-day use.

The Fisheye/Telephoto lens is a personal favorite of mine, as it gives a better take on a traditional photo, showing a focused image with black edges.

The Wide/Telephoto lens is nice, giving you a wider perspective on your photo which I love especially for outdoor images, but even in this simple photo, you can see more in the wide photo than you would with the normal iPhone X lens.

With Wide/Telephoto Lens:



Finally, there’s the Macro Lens, which is a favorite in iPhoneography that allows you to get close-angle shots with focus. So as you can see this photo you can see fine details of the coin you typically would not get even with just the standard autofocus features of the iPhone camera.

Currently available for $54.95, if you order today, you’ll get it after the Chinese New Year, but I’m sure after that it will go back to its full price of $85.

For more information on how to purchase, you can head over to their site today.


Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Slimmer than original version of cases for older model, and snap on lens makes it easy to take off

What Needs Improvement: I still would prefer a more sturdy case over the silicone

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