August and Yale Locks Give You New Ways to Smarten up Your Doors

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Everything in your house is getting smarter, and your locks are no exception. Aside from maybe worrying you didn’t unplug the hairdryer or turn off the oven, fretting over whether you locked your door after leaving is probably everyone’s biggest worry. August Home is teaming up with sibling brand Yale Locks to help alleviate that worry with new smart locks!

August and Yale Locks Give You New Ways to Smarten up Your Doors

The Yale/August smart locks will replace regular Yale locks, and can be unlocked remotely, when a paired phone is nearby, or via the keypad. The locks are also Alexa/Google Assistant/Siri compatible, so you can even ask your phone if you locked your door. This is no doubt better than asking your significant other every other minute “Are you SURE we locked the door?” Yale makes existing smart locks under the Assure brand, and now that August and Yale are under the same parent company, existing Assure locks will also receive an update to be August compatible.

August and Yale Locks Give You New Ways to Smarten up Your Doors

August’s new locks will come in two versions; both have a touchscreen, but one will also have traditional key access. No word on whether the touchscreen lock also tweets and plays Netflix, but it’s only a matter of time until a version of Candy Crush is available for it [kidding!]. There are a lot of lock companies out there, but as I learned watching Doctor Who with my son the other night, only Yale locks are good enough for the TARDIS, and that’s good enough for me!

All joking aside, the August Assure Lock SL will be $299, while the Assure Lock Touchscreen will be $279, and both can be found on Yale’s site today!

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