The 5 Best School Gadgets for Fall 2018

The 5 Best School Gadgets for Fall 2018

While school is already in full swing, it’s never too late to add some school gadgets and supplies to your shopping list. The Fall 2018 semester is all about sleek, advanced technology that makes it easier and more intuitive to learn and grasp challenging academic topics.

5 of the Top School Gadgets of the Semester

There’s nothing like walking into the classroom or school library, feeling totally prepared to knock out whatever exam, paper, or homework you have on your to-do list. And whether it’s middle school, high school, college, or beyond, the following gadgets will make your life as a student much easier:

1. Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Smart Notebook

The 5 Best School Gadgets for Fall 2018

Are you tired of buying spiral notebooks, taking notes, and never being able to find those notes when you actually need them? Do you have trouble moving from paper to a tablet or laptop? Both problems (and more) can be solved by purchasing the Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Smart Notebook.

The Everlast looks like a normal notebook in many respects but is actually a hybrid between paper and digital. When you use the designated Pilot FriXion pen, writing sticks to the paper but can easily be exported to the cloud and used in a digital format. The paper is then wiped clean for continued use.

2. Tylt Charging Backpacks

The 5 Best School Gadgets for Fall 2018

In the past, backpacks were for storing notebooks, binders, paper, pens, pencils, and other basic supplies. Today, the average student is carrying less of these things and more electronics – including laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices. And if you’re like most, you’re constantly looking around for an outlet to charge these devices.

With the Tylt line of charging backpacks, you not only have something to carry your electronics in, but you also get a mobile charging station included. And if you happen to travel a lot, these bags also have TSA-compliant laptop compartments that allow you to ease through airport security in a breeze.

3. AMORNO Wireless, Noise Cancelling Earbuds

The 5 Best School Gadgets for Fall 2018

Do you find it hard to concentrate in a classroom, library, or coffee shop when other people are around? You may benefit from these AMORNO earbuds, which are both wireless and noise canceling.

In most cases, noise canceling headphones are proficient at canceling out noise, but nothing else. These earbuds are equally as impressive in their quality of sound. They also come with a charging case (with each full charge providing up to three hours of playtime).

4. Veebon Multiple USB Charger

The 5 Best School Gadgets for Fall 2018

Battery life is one of the biggest challenges with using a bunch of mobile devices. You constantly have to be worried about how much charge you have left, while also being on the lookout for enough outlets to keep your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and wearables juiced up.

With the Veebon multiple USB charger, all you need is one outlet. You can then plug up to eight different USB chargers into the multi-port strip. Best of all, the intelligent LCD display detects and shows the current charging status of each port.

5. Scanner Pro App

The 5 Best School Gadgets for Fall 2018

How many times have you had to scan a document for a group project, presentation, or homework assignment, only to not have access to a scanner? Well, if you have a smartphone or tablet, this no longer has to be an issue.

The Scanner Pro App allows you to take a picture of a document with your favorite mobile device and create a digital version of the paper file. It’s quick and intuitive!

Look Past Yourself

It’s easy to get caught up in everything you need or want, but sometimes it’s healthy to look beyond yourself and recognize the value in helping others. The school year is the perfect time to think about those who are less fortunate and may need help getting the basic supplies they need to be successful throughout the school year.

In addition to buying a gadget or two that you need, consider buying wholesale backpacks and donating them to a local foster and adopt organization. Or maybe you can purchase school supplies for a teacher (since 94 percent spend their own money on school supplies).

You don’t have to do something crazy. Purchasing a handful of backpacks for local students, or a few school supplies for an overwhelmed teacher can help someone in need (and shift the way you view your own needs and wants).

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