You Can Rinse & Repeat All of Your Notes with the Rocketbook

I have to admit, I have a habit of not using my phone’s “Notes” app nearly as much as I should, which results in countless amounts of scrap sheet of paper and post-it notes left everywhere with my thoughts. At least that was how things were until I received the Rocketbook Wave Erasable notepad.

You Can Rinse & Repeat All of Your Notes with the Rocketbook

Now I’ve used everything from erasable pens to pens that claim they don’t bleed through paper, but the Rocketbook Wave is something truly special. Never have I ever had a notebook that claims to be able to allow you to write what you wish in a standard notebook, and somehow erase the contents by simply microwaving the notebook.

You Can Rinse & Repeat All of Your Notes with the Rocketbook

Now before you say it, believe me, I said the same thing. “How, and why would I microwave a notebook?” Well, the answer is super simple. With the use of a special pen (Pilot FriXion), you can erase your writing in true Mission Impossible fashion and reuse it to your heart’s content all by stashing it in your microwave for a few seconds.

This is great if you have a lot of private notes that you don’t want the world getting wind of, or if you are just a doodler who for some strange reason blows through notepads, wasting plenty of space with quotables and mathematics that you may or may not need. And the premise is simple: You place the Wave in the microwave with a mug or cup of water (obviously not filled all the way to the top), and magically after a few seconds in the microwave, the words literally fly off the pages, resulting in a brand new page for you to write on.

You Can Rinse & Repeat All of Your Notes with the Rocketbook

Another bonus of the Rocketbook Wave over your standard notepad is that you can actually sync your notes to the cloud before erasing them At $27 per pad, and only being able to use it for five times may sound like a bit expensive. If you’d like to reuse in a sense, you can go up a few dollars ($34 to be exact), and purchase the Rocketbook Everlast, which allows you to erase the pages with moisture an infinite amount of times. Both are available in standard or “executive” editions, but what I like about the Everlast over the standard wave is that simply adding a drop of water to the page can easily get rid of that stuff you don’t want the world to see.

You Can Rinse & Repeat All of Your Notes with the Rocketbook

Both look and feel like paper, but are made of a special polycarbonate material that allows users to write as they normally would, all while giving you the ability to literally “rinse and repeat” when you run out of space or pages. A caveat, the notebooks don’t host many pages, with the Everlast only coming with 32, but if you’re like me, you’ll want to get yourself a few (the Rocketbook Wave comes in a three pack).

I’ve adapted to using the Rocketbook exclusively for my writing on notepads, even though I’m guilty of still being a fan of my colorful post-it notes. Rocketbook does sell RocketPads for $10 though, which I’m still considering. If you’re interested in either of these notepads, you should head over to Rocketbook today for more information.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: I can finally do away with countless numbers of notepads

What Needs Improvement: More variety of erasable pens

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