Popular E-Board Onewheel Updated with Custom Carving for a Personalized Ride

Already known for its butter smooth ride, the Onewheel electric board just received an update that allows riders to completely customize their ride. The Gemini firmware update brings a feature called Custom Shaping that revolutionizes the e-boarding game. Also included in the update is the ability of riders to share their rides via social media through the Onewheel app.

Popular E-Board Onewheel Updated with Custom Carving for a Personalized Ride

When Future Motion, makers of the popular Onewheel, say you that you can customize your ride, here’s exactly what they’re talking about:

  • Carveability: Change the sensitivity of the board (from loose to tight) while turning and carving.
  • Stance profile: Control the baseline tilt angle of the board. Change your ride from nose up to nose down, or anywhere in-between.
  • Aggressiveness: Change how strongly the board reacts to your movements. Low aggressiveness will feel more plush, while high aggressiveness will feel tight and responsive.

Here’s what Future Motion’s CEO, Kyle Doerksen, had to say about the Custom Carving update:

“Custom Shaping is the most advanced riding platform of its kind. We wanted to give riders more control over how their Onewheel feels to suit their specific riding style. As a company we’re constantly chasing the dream of the ultimate ride experience. Some riders prefer a more intense boardfeel that reacts strongly to their movements, while others opt for a more slack and laid-back ride. With Custom Shaping, riders have the ability to make Onewheel their own and have the best possible experience every time they ride.”

Popular E-Board Onewheel Updated with Custom Carving for a Personalized Ride

I’m seriously impressed with what Onewheel is doing in the e-board space.  How many other electronic boards do you know of that can completely change the feel of the ride on the fly like this?  I can’t wait to get my hands on a Onewheel and give it a try myself.

Also available in Onewheel’s latest app update is the ability to social share within the app.  Users can track their own rides and share them within the app so that riders around the world can check them out.  Riders can also share photos of their rides in-app as well.

Popular E-Board Onewheel Updated with Custom Carving for a Personalized Ride

I can’t wait to see what Future Motion has in store for Onewheel.  I expect to receive a review unit next year so we can give you guys a first-hand look at what it’s like to ride a Onewheel, so be sure to stay tuned!

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