Keyto Takes Keto to the Next Level

There are two big downsides to the keto diet: you’re required to tell everyone you encounter how you’re on the keto diet, and you have to pee on a strip to determine if you’ve put your body in ketosis. So basically no matter what, no one wants to shake your hand. Enter Keyto, which tests for ketosis via your breath.

Keyto Takes Keto to the Next Level

Keyto measures the acetone in your breath, and from there can extrapolate if you are in ketosis or the process by which your body is running very low on carbs and therefore using fat as fuel. Acetone is also highly flammable, which I learned from Doctor Who, but luckily (or not) going into ketosis will not give you literal dragon breath. Still, avoiding enough carbs to go into ketosis is not easy by itself, even without the prospect of blood tests or peeing on strips.

Keyto isn’t just measuring your breath, but also helps to manage your entire keto experience. The companion app offers recipes, diet tips, a social network where you can talk keto so your friends don’t hate you, and even a database of foods color-coded by how keto friendly they are. Following the keto diet is a bit more complex than just calories in, calories out, and Keyto aims to be a companion to help make that transition easier.

Keep in mind that keto isn’t an excuse to go nuts on bacon and cheese. There’s still a lot of debate about whether keto is a safe or effective diet, but no matter where you fall in that discussion, everyone agrees you shouldn’t eat like crap. If you’re going to use Keyto, make sure you eat real food and talk to a doctor before you make any drastic changes. Also, bulletproof coffee is probably just a marketing scam. Black coffee is keto and doesn’t require you to drink butter.

Keyto is being backed on IndieGoGo for $99, a 44% discount from the projected final price of $179. They predict shipping in early January, right in time for your resolution to give up pie until the next holiday season.

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