Uuni Pro Outdoor Oven Is a Huge Improvement on an Already Great Product

Sometimes you need a damn good pizza cooked in a scorching hot oven to make your life complete. For those times, you need the Uuni Pro by Ooni in your backyard. The latest oven from Ooni can cook pizzas in around 60 seconds, perfectly sear steaks, roast vegetables, and much more. Starting at $599, you can be cooking with gas!

The Uuni Pro is the first quad-fueled oven from Uuni after a long line of wood pellet-fueled ovens. With the Uuni Pro, and some additional accessories, you can cook with wood, charcoal, wood pellets, or gas. The Pro is designed to get up to 932 ºF in less than 20 minutes of pre-heating. Made out of 430 stainless steel and insulated with ceramic fiber, the Uuni Pro is a sleek-looking oven. It has dual airflow control and has a 17.7” x 17.7” cooking surface, allowing you to make pizzas up to around 16”.

Inside the box, the oven comes with four baking stones, the door with thermometer, the pizza door, the wood and charcoal burner, safety gloves, the Uuni Pro manual, and an allen key. The four stones that come with the Unni Pro are custom cordierite stones that get super hot while the oven is preheating. These stones help maintain heat distribution as well as cook the underside of your pizzas.

Up close with the standard door

A look at the rear of the oven, showing the hatch lid on top and the gas burner at the very back.

One of the great things about the Uuni Pro is that it’s portable. The legs fold under the oven, the chimney is easily removable, and then you’re good to go! The only bummer is that the oven is pretty heavy with the stones installed inside. If you’re going to be moving the oven around a lot, I’d recommend removing the stones first.

The Uuni Pro also comes with two different doors: the standard door with thermometer and window, and the Pizza Door. The standard door is a huge upgrade from previous models as it allows you to not only see your food as it’s cooking but also keep track of the temperature inside the oven. My biggest complaint with the Uuni 2S was that it was difficult to maintain a hot oven without being able to constantly track the temperature.

Inside the oven

A look at the custom cordierite stones

The Pizza Door allows you to slide pizzas in and out of the oven without removing the door, similar to real brick oven pizza ovens. The pizza door is very convenient when cooking pizza, however I found that my crust puffs up a lot and has difficulty fitting underneath the top of the door. Keep in mind that Ooni recommends that if you’re cooking with the gas burner, that you always use the Pizza Door. I’m going to guess that this is because if the flame goes out but you still have propane gas being pumped into the oven with nowhere for it to escape, this could create an explosive situation, if you know what I mean.

The Uuni Pro comes standard with a tray that allows you to cook with charcoal and wood. The tray slides neatly into the back of the oven and you’re able to feed in the charcoal and wood from above using the removable hatch lid. The tray itself is perforated, so it keeps the burning charcoal and wood on top while allowing the ashes to fall below.

A closeup of the gas burner at the interior of the oven

The dial on the rear of the gas burner, where you ignite the burner and control temperature

In addition to the included charcoal/wood tray, you can also cook with wood pellets, or a gas burner if you purchase separate accessories. Ooni was kind enough to send the new gas burner accessory for review as well, since it was just approved for use in the USA! The gas burner is, by far, my favorite way to cook with the Uuni Pro. While I do miss the wood-fired taste my pizzas had from the Uuni 2S, you just can’t beat the convenience of cooking with gas. I no longer have to worry about maintaining a fire while also making sure I get the pizzas prepared and into the oven. With the gas burner, I can almost set it and forget it, knowing that the temperature will always remain high enough even if I’m cooking 5 or more pizzas in a row.

A closeup of the pizza door

The gas burner was super-easy to install, you just loosen a couple of set screws on the back of the Uuni Pro, set the burner in place, and tighten the screws. Then you screw the regulator and hose into your propane tank and you’re ready to cook with gas! You just push in the dial on the back of the gas burner, turn it until it clicks, which ignites the flames.

My experience with the Uuni Pro has been overwhelmingly positive although it got off to a bad start. While the Uuni Pro makes some amazing pizzas, it does not allow for mistakes too well. While trying to retrieve my first pizza from inside the oven, my wood peel was too thick to slide underneath the pizza. The pizza door didn’t provide enough clearance to get a pair of tongs inside to grab the pizza, so I tried with my pizza peel again.   Unfortunately, this pushed the pizza all the way to the back of the oven, into the gas burner. This set the pizza on fire, put out the flames, and caused a lot of smoke and frustration.

A view inside the hatch as the gas burner is going

Luckily, that was only the first pizza and it was a great learning experience. Since that first pizza, I learned to remove the pizza door altogether while cooking a pizza in order to be able to turn and remove the pizza properly without pushing it too far back. After removing the pizza door, you do have some heat loss, however the pizza taking slightly longer to look is much better than accidentally turning it into an unrecognizable ball of charred remains.

I may eventually get a thinner pizza peel and may learn how to keep the pizza door on and turn my pizzas like a pro, but until then, I’ll be cooking without a door. I often think about trying the standard door with thermometer with the Uuni Pro, but the gas burner is such a convenience that I don’t want to give it up!

The Uuni Pro made some amazing pizzas and I can’t wait to have many more pizza parties at our house. The Uuni Pro makes it incredibly easy to throw a pizza in, cook it under 2 minutes, and then throw another pizza in! I would recommend anyone looking for a versatile outdoor oven to give the Uuni Pro a shot.

You can purchase the Uuni Pro by Ooni directly from Ooni at Ooni.com.

Source: The Uuni Pro and gas burner accessory were manufacturer supplied review samples.

What I Like: Sleek, portable design; Larger cooking surface than predecessors; Versatile; Multiple fuels; Cooks great pizzas; Door with window and thermometer is fantastic.

What Needs Improvement: Pizza door isn’t perfect, wish I could use the door with thermometer with gas.


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