Funcl’s New Affordable Truly Wireless Headphones Rival Apple’s AirPods

With many smartphones and tablets opting to ditch the headphone jack, many of you may be looking for an affordable pair fo Bluetooth wireless headphones that will work with your daily devices. Luckily, Funcl’s got two affordable headphones that you need to check out.

Powered by Bluetooth 5.0, there are two different Funcl headphones: The Funcl W1, and the Funcl AI.

The first are the Funcl W1 which are the more affordable option. The W1 by Funcl are priced at $19 and are available in both black or white. Coming complete with an easy connect button on the right ear, these are a completely in-ear experience which is great for hiding in your ear (especially if you have hair to cover).

In my testing, I’ve gotten roughly 4.5 hours per listen, although the portable case does charge the headphones when not in use, and you’ll receive an additional two full charges out of that. I cannot speak to the waterproofing on the W1’s, but I have used over the past month daily at the gym for my elliptical and treadmill runs and they have seemed to hold up well.

Next, there are the Funcl AI which are my personal favorite of the two. For $54, you can purchase these in both black or white and they look about as close to the AirPods as you’ll get, complete with the extra dangling piece beneath the earbud.

With this obviously comes with more functionalities, such as AptX functionalities, hi-fi quality sound (really they sound twice as good as the W1), and a 6-hour battery life to boot. I personally prefer these, but mileage may vary for your tastes.

If you would like to check out either of the Funcl earbuds, you can actually get a steal of a deal for the holidays, which you will get for $49 instead of the normal price of $54 for the W1’s. All you have to do is click here for more details.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Price is hard to beat, and they both sound incredible

What Needs Improvement: Nothing (at this price point)

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