Put Your iPhone in Rareform with a Great New Case

If you or a family member have picked up one of the recently released Apple iPhones as a holiday gift, you may be looking for a solid case for it. One company that stands out against the competition (and has a really interesting origin story) is Rareform. They repurpose something you probably see every day, to create awesome products.

Rareform is based out of California, home of many billboards that are ever-changing. Two siblings, Aric & Alec Avedissian took a backpacking trip through South America and were drawn in by an old billboard vinyl being used as roofing. Intrigued by the sight and even more so the material’s ability to withstand the elements, the two came up with the idea to repurpose used billboards into products that you could use every day. Fast forward to the brand name: Rareform. Each bag made would be “Rare”, and each billboard would be “form”, under the idea of turning billboards into bags which has grown immensely since 2015.

Put Your iPhone in Rareform with a Great New Case

All of Rareform’s material is cleaned, cut and re-purposed into everything from toiletry bags, wallets, purses, and yes you guessed it — iPhone Cases. Each of the cases has unique looks to them and are sold for a modest price of $38. They protect each and every side of the iPhone, with cutouts for charging and the camera lens, with enough standard drop protection from waist height. Partnered with our buddies over at Nomad, each case is engraved on the inside with the company’s unique branding, and since it’s not your typical Snap-on case, you’ll have a unique design that’s protective, affordable and looks really good.

For more information on Rareform’s products, visit their site today.

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