DZR’s Urban Biking Shoe Is Great for City Commutes

DZR's Urban Biking Shoe Is Great for City Commutes

If you are looking for a great casual urban shoe that is great for commuters who bike, you should check out the Shift Grey Flat Pedal Shoe by DZR.

Makers of products that make biking a bit more stylish, DZR is known for their comfortable no-show cycling socks and accessories, but one product that really stands out is the DZR Shift Grey Flat Pedal Shoe. I received a pair of shoes and decided to take them out for a winter bike ride on a city bike in DC. Designed for comfort, they do have a sense of fashion to them as well, with the tongue of the shoe stating “Burrito Breath”, honoring one of the three designers (the other two being Wakako and D Young).

Pedaling is a breeze with the shoe, thanks to a stiffened midsole for power transfer and a gum rubber outsole that gives you grip while pedaling, something I can say does work. If I had my own bike, I would for sure wear these to bike to and from work every day. Keep in mind that this is a casual urban shoe, and while I would certainly wear them after 5 pm for biking to a happy hour, this is clearly not a shoe for you to wear for marathons. But if you live in the city, and want a bit of elegance on your feet, you should check out the Shift Grey Flat Pedal Shoe. It’s a unisex shoe which is an added bonus and available for $79.99. For more information, you can head over to today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I like: A comfortable shoe that can be worn all day, to and from the office

What Needs Improvement: May not be a good biking shoe for long extended periods & exercise

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