Buffalo Dualie Fire Wire 800/USB500GB Hard Drive + iPhone Dock

Buffalo Dualie Fire Wire 800/USB500GB Hard Drive + iPhone Dock

Here’s another item for the “super-cool convergence item” file I’ve got going.

The Buffalo Dualie lets you sync and charge your iPhone or iPod while simultaneously backing up or storing digital assets on the integral 500GB portable hard drive. As an added bonus, it offers a brushed-aluminum and black soft-touch two-tone finish.

The Dualie works with both the iPhone & the iPod.  In addition to allowing you to store files to its 500 GB hard drive it also offers two USB ports for your other USB powered accessories.  So you get an iPhone/iPod dock, a hard drive and a two-port USB hub all in a single compact device.

The Dualie also supports Apple’s Time Machine back up application as well.

The Dualie is available from Apple’s online store now for $249.99.

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