Protect Your Gear With BodyGuardz: iPhone 3GS Review

Unlike our Gear Diary friend Larry Greenberg, I only have one case for my iPhone 3GS, and am not sure how much I like carrying it with a case.  The case for me has been primarily for protection.  Yes, I found a case that I think looks cool, but I do not care for the added size of my phone.  There are many cheap clear films to protect your gadget, but few work very well.  I carry my iPhone in my front pocket and love to use it in the size and shape in which it was produced.  I recently installed a BodyGuardz clear protector on my 3GS.  Is it really clear?  Did it hold up?

BodyGuardz are a clear film that covers the body of a device providing scratch protection from outside elements.

*include 2 complete sets (2 full body protectors and 2 screen protectors)*
*offer lifetime replacements
*are optically clear
*custom fit each device
*provide full body and screen protection
*require no special care or maintenance

BodyGuardz scratch-proof transparent skins are designed to custom fit each particular device for full body and screen protection. BodyGuardz protectors are made from the same material that is used to protect the front of automobiles from stones and other abrasive elements. Tough and durable, you can be assured that your device is protected by BodyGuardz.

BodyGuardz protective film is the toughest film on the market today and requires no special care or maintenance. Each pack* includes TWO complete BodyGuardz PLUS lifetime replacements- that’s right, two, providing you a spare just when you need it.

*except MacBooks (MacBooks contain 1 complete protector set)

As you will see, BodyGuardz does provide protection to your device, but with a small level of difficulty.  Installing the film is tedious and more labor intensive than simply slapping on a case.  Patiently and carefully installing a BodyGuardz film will provide a high level of protection while keeping the form of your device.  The company provides two complete films in the package which might prove very beneficial if you rush through the process.

The package contains two screen protectors and two back protectors.  Using both together will almost completely cover the iPhone making it virtually scratch proof.  Also included is a diagram sheet, application solution, a squeegee card and directions.

Installing on the device requires some minor preparation.  First, wash your hands and dry them thoroughly.  Greasy or dirty fingers will leave a permanent fingerprint on the inside of the film and ruin the clear nature of the BodyGuardz.  It is also important to clean the device.  I used a lens towel for sunglasses to clean the phone, making sure that no dust or fuzz remained on the phone.

Once the phone is clean, it is time to get busy.  IMPORTANT!: I recommend reading the instructions several times and watching the installation video (which I am including) before beginning!

I sprayed a generous amount of application solution on my finger tips before peeling back the film.  Try to avoid touching the sticky side as much as possible and hold the film in your hand sticky side up.  Now spray the sticky side with the application solution.  I sprayed a large amount to assure the ability to move and reapply if needed.  I began with the back which is by far the most difficult of the two parts to install.  To line it up, I made sure the camera hole and headphone jack lined up.  Using the squeegee card, slowly and carefully lay the film down working top to bottom.  It goes smoothly if you work top to bottom and middle to the outside.  Squeegee as many bubbles out as possible.

Be patient as you work!  Getting the edges and area around the buttons fitted and stuck takes time.  More than likely the corners will not stick immediately.  Wait 10 or 15 minutes then work then corners down.  I had the right corners on the back of the phone turn out perfect and the left corners were a little off and have bubbles.  These are from user error and I am leaving them as is for now.  The spots are small and do not pose a problem or annoyance for me at this time.

Do not be discouraged at the appearance of your film!!  My phone had several bubbles on the back and a frosted look on the screen.  It looks terrible!  As the solution begins to dry and activate the adhesive, the bubbles and frost slowly clear up.  I took the squeegee card and worked the bubbles off and on for a couple of days.  After three days I am happy to say the bubbles were almost all gone and the screen became clear.  I had wondered if a redo was in order, but all of my initial problems just disappeared.  I love the feel of the guard.  My wife’s 1st gen. iPhone has an invisible shield from Zagg on the screen.  The durability is very similar, but the Zagg product has a orange peel texture that has always annoyed me.  The BodyGuardz is super smooth and does not change the feel of the phone.  I also think this product is clearer due to this.  My one complaint is losing the smudge proof nature of the 3GS screen.  I find myself having to wipe the BodyGuardz more often than the naked screen required.

Now that I have had some time with the BodyGuardz installed, I like it.  I used keys and some other items that might come in contact with my phone to test the durability.  Not a scratch!  Tossing the phone on the table, or dropping keys into the same pocket have not affected it at all.  This stuff really works!  Check out the many devices available and prices at the BodyGuardz web site. The iPhone 3G/3GS version is $24.95 for the two complete guards and qualifies for free shipping.  Give it a try!

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  1. I love Bodyguardz. I’ve had them on both my 3g’s (warranty issue so I got a replacement). After I got my latest 3g, I decicied to give up on the corner protection. It was too hard to wrap the corners and have it look and feel good. So I used a razor blade to trim the back piece before I put it on the phone so it avoids the corner bubbling and edge rippling. I’m much much happier now. I took the back off my previous 3g because it made it look so crappy with the edges buckling and curling after 3 weeks. This one has been covered for 3 months this way. I love it.

    Btw I just got the Bodyguardz kit for my 13 inch Macbook pro. And I love it. It is so smooth and protective. I’m very ver happy with it too.

  2. Liquid + electronic device makes me apprehensive.

    I installed a similar product on my Palm Pre, and got good results despite the moisture.

  3. You just have to be careful where you squeegee the water and use some sort of towel or tissue to absorb the moisture as it comes out from under the skin.

  4. Travis Ehrlich | August 10, 2009 at 7:10 am |

    I kept a cloth nearby to absorb the moisture as I squeegeed. It is really not very much moisture. I was extra careful around the buttons, camera, headphone jack and dock jack.

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