Huawei Comes Out Swinging with New MateBook 13 and the MediPad M5 Lite!

Huawei Comes Out Swinging with New MateBook 13 and the MediPad M5 Lite!

You may not have paid much attention to Huawei in the past, but if you’re in the market for a solid Windows laptop or an android tablet, Huawei should be one of your top stops. The new MateBook 13 and MediaPad M5 Lite are designed to make your computing and mobile life run as smoothly as possible. 

Let’s start with the MateBook 13. They’ve shaved the bezels down so it’s a 13″ screen with a 12″ footprint, for a screen to body ratio of 88%. Despite the svelte nature, it still packs a ton of goodies-a touchscreen, spill-resistant keyboard, aluminum alloy body, and a projected battery life of 10 hours of full HD video. They also throw in the Huawei MateDock 2, so you’ll have oodles of ways to connect accessories. The MateBook 13 will come in an i5 and i7 configuration and will retail for$999 and $1299 in late January 2019. 

The MediaPad M5 Lite is aimed at families and is a strong option for a kid who has outgrown a Fire tablet. Kid’s Corner is a special Huawei setup that sandboxes kids apps and uses the kids’ fingerprint to access and a code that parents use to ensure kids don’t exit and access the full suite of apps. It comes with a pencil for sketching and writing, and we were able to test a truly awesome calculator app that converted handwritten equations into typed calculations. It will boast a long battery life, Harman Kardon speakers, and a metallic body. The MediaPad seems quite snappy, and for only $299 it makes a strong case for being the family tablet! Look for it at the end of January 2019.

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