Roland Introduces GO:PIANO 88, Bringing Affordability to a Full-Sized Learning Keyboard

Roland Introduces GO:PIANO 88, Bringing Affordability to a Full-Sized Learning Keyboard

When I needed to learn keyboard basics, I did what many people I knew were doing — I bought a cheap, plastic mini-key limited device with a small set of second-rate sounds. It accomplished the task of letting me learn notes and communicate ideas — but little else.

Fortunately, over the years, things have greatly improved, and today at CES Roland takes a big step in making true-feel and sound piano playing affordable for new students or those who just want to have a piano in their house.

The new GO:PIANO 88 features the full grand piano key range of 88 velocity sensitive keys, and those keys are full-sized with standard spacing (but are not weighted); the system also includes speakers for the built-in piano – but you can also connect to your smartphone and play along with music or use Bluetooth MIDI for music lessons or other play-along scenarios.

Roland introduces GO:PIANO 88, a new addition to the company’s lineup of fun and innovative GO-series instruments and devices. Offering 88 full-size keys and natural sound derived from Roland’s premium digital pianos in a portable cabinet, the affordable GO:PIANO 88 provides a solid foundation that’s ready to support years of musical growth and playing enjoyment. And with built-in Bluetooth® and an integrated stereo sound system, GO:PIANO 88 works alongside a smartphone to offer a simple and compact learning solution that allows beginning pianists to connect wirelessly and stream audio from online piano lessons, karaoke, and tutorial videos.

With Roland GO:PIANO 88 and a smartphone, anyone can play and learn music whenever inspiration strikes. Its lightweight design is easy to carry and set up anywhere, while high-quality onboard speakers, battery operation, and Bluetooth eliminate the need to fuss with add-ons such as external amplifiers, AC power, and messy cables. GO:PIANO 88 also supports listening with headphones, allowing users to play at any time without disturbing others.

Roland Introduces GO:PIANO 88, Bringing Affordability to a Full-Sized Learning Keyboard

The GO:PIANO 88 is just the latest member of a growing family of Roland instruments and devices that make it simple for anyone to learn music and share performances with smartphones. Other Roland GO- series models include:
• Aerophone GO—A unique and affordable digital wind instrument that’s simple to operate and fun to play.
• GO:KEYS—A portable keyboard filled with engaging features that allow beginners to start creating music immediately.
• GO:PIANO—A more compact version of GO:PIANO 88 with 61 full-size keys.
• GO:MIXER and GO:MIXER PRO—Compact audio mixers that allow users to mix and capture high-quality audio for their smartphone video productions.

Head to Roland, and check it out!

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