Elidah ELITONE Brings Discreet and Effective Therapy to Women with Pelvic Floor Disorders

One of the most interesting parts of CES each year is seeing the innovations in health and wellness. It’s a chance to showcase both the big technological leaps in health as well as the opportunity for smaller companies to show how they’re looking to make our lives better. The Elidah  ELITONE is a device aimed at women to solve an issue that many women won’t talk about: pelvic floor disorders.


If you don’t know what a pelvic floor disorder is, you can check out this helpful resource from UCLA Health that explains it fairly well. Effectively, it’s where the muscles in a woman’s pelvis weaken, causing everything from incontinence to prolapse.

Sometimes pelvic floor disorders can require surgery, and sometimes it can be treated with physical therapy and similar exercises.

The Elidah ELITONE is designed to make those exercises easier and more effective by stimulating your muscles. It comprises a gel pad and a controller and runs a 20-minute long muscle stimulation program that can be done while you’re going about your day.

Impressively, the company says they’ve seen an average reduction in urine leaks of 71% after six weeks of use, which can definitely improve and change the quality of someone’s life.

The ELITONE Starter Kit is $399 for the device and 2 GelPad packs (so 10 GelPads in total); the ELITONE Bundle is $503, which is the device plus six gel pads (so 30 GelPads in total). The bundles, plus extra gel pads, are all available on their online store.

Note that it is HSA/FSA eligible, which definitely takes the sting out of the cost!

You can learn more about the Elidah ELITONE here.

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