Hüpnos Aims to Reduce Snoring and Improve Sleep, All While Looking Stylish

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Hüpnos Aims to Reduce Snoring and Improve Sleep, All While Looking Stylish

There are a few ways to deal with snoring. You can try smacking the snorer, but that generally makes them grumpy. If snoring is severe or a health issue, sleep apnea machines can help. The Hüpnos sleep mask offers a third way, one that learns your patterns and can gently guide you into a better sleep.

Basically, the Hüpnos works by using an accelerometer to determine your sleeping position, and sensors to determine if you’re snoring. If you’re snoring and on your back, it will try to gently vibrate so you shift, and if you continue to snore, it will apply gentle pressure to open your airways and reduce your snoring. Either way, it’s a gentle way to guide you into a better night’s sleep. The cover is machine-washable, and the strap is adjustable, so you can play with fit until it is perfect for you. The companion app tracks your sleep and allows you to note patterns and changes so you can adjust your nighttime routine ahead of sleep to further improve the process.

Hüpnos Aims to Reduce Snoring and Improve Sleep, All While Looking Stylish

Judie tried it out, and while she commented that she couldn’t determine if she could sleep comfortably in a mask, she might ask her husband to. 😉 The quality seemed quite good, and it is nice that it doubles as a sleep mask (handy in a new place or if you get a lot of morning light in your bedroom). It was originally funded on IndieGoGo at 267% of their goal, and you can get yours now for only $120 (full price will be $179).

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