Nomad Is Donating One Million Masks to Non-Profits

Nomad may be known for its amazing products, including wallets, leather cases, charging cables, Apple Watch straps, and their charging stations, but the California brand also supports initiatives that impact our world by assisting in the unprecedented need of face masks. Nomad Is Donating One Million Masks to Non-Profits Whether you are a first responder, medical professional, or essential worker, there is a huge need for medical Personal Protective Equipment, like face masks, to keep yourself and the people you deal with daily safe. This brings us to Nomad; they are donating one million masks to organizations that need them the most. By reprioritizing their offices, Nomad activated its supply chain earlier in 2020 to produce medical supplies. We are now months into the global pandemic; they are taking things a step further by kicking off a campaign to get masks directly into the groups’ hands and communities that need them. Nomad Is Donating One Million Masks to Non-Profits This week, Nomad is making one million free face masks available to nonprofit and community organizations. This means those essential businesses and those largely populated places like churches and shelters will now be able to get their hands on the masks so they can safely perform their jobs. Nomad is making it easier for these organizations to get the PPE they need. To be considered, you simply have to fill out an online form to nominate a non-profit or organization in need (or make a request if you are asking for your non-profit or organization), and Nomad will take it from there.

We are donating one million face masks to USA-based nonprofits and organizations in need. We want the Nomad Community’s help: we are asking you to nominate relief groups, nonprofits, community foundations, and anyone who might need medical supplies to receive face masks. Alternatively, if you represent or are part of an existing nonprofit in need of face masks, we will donate masks to you. Nominate an organization or request supplies for your own organization below.

Alternatively, Nomad has also launched a 1:1 mask donation match with five charities, including:

If you donate masks to any of these five charities, Nomad will match your donation. This is just another reason why Nomad is one of my favorite brands; it’s not just because of their excellent products but also because of their continued efforts to make the world a better place. For more information on all of Nomads endeavors with their matching camping as well as their One Million mask initiative, please head over to their site today.

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