Lenovo Thinks Thin with New Slim and Yoga Laptops


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In this day and age, there’s no reason to lug anything heavy around when you can keep your laptop light yet powerful; Lenovo is providing a whole slate of options with their new Slim and Yoga devices!

All Lenovo Slim computers will offer the Lenovo Premium Suite of improved hardware. There’s an upgraded keyboard with 1.5mm dish caps for smoother and faster typing, four microphones for better calls, quieter fans, and a larger touchpad.

The series also offers Lenovo AI Engine+ with smart battery and performance management to stretch out power, battery life, or both, as well as the Lenovo Intelligent Sense and Integrated Security so you can be both safe and speedy.

Lenovo Slim Pro 9i

Lenovo Slim Pro 9i

Lenovo Slim Pro 9i

The Lenovo Slim Pro 9i will have the new Mini-LED PureSight Pro screens available, which will bring a brighter and more color-accurate experience, even if you’re working outdoors. In addition, they’re designed with Lenovo X Power, a fancy way of hardware and software working together to make everything just a little bit faster. For example, the system will know when you’re video editing and ramp up the power to rendering and exports, saving you precious time.

They’ve also improved the thermal controls to allow for faster performance without excess heat. They’re also ENERGY STAR rated and EPEAT Gold Registered, along with 100% paper in the packaging and 90% recycled plastic cushions.

Look for the Lenovo Slim Pro 9i in Tidal Teal and Storm Grey, starting at $1,699.99 for the 14.5″ and $1,799.99 for the 16″ this May.

Lenovo Slim Pro 7

Lenovo Slim Pro 7

Lenovo Slim Pro 7

Meanwhile, the Lenovo Slim Pro 7 will offer either NVIDIA RTX 3050 or 4050 laptop GPUs in a 0.6″ thick laptop. You also get a 14.5in PureSight screen with up to 3K resolution, four speakers, an FHD IR camera, and the 1.5mm anti-grease dish cap keys.

They’re also available in Tidal Teal or Storm Grey, starting at $1,199.99 this April.

That’s not all; if you’re looking for a lightweight aluminum computer, there’s the Lenovo Slim 7i, with up to 13th Gen Intel Core Processors in Misty Grey and Storm Grey with 14″ screens, starting at $1,179.99 this April.

Lenovo Yoga 7/7i

15" Lenovo Yoga 7i

15″ Lenovo Yoga 7i


In addition, the Yoga line has two updates, the Yoga 7 and 7i, with AMD or Intel processors, respectively. Look for them starting at $849.99 for the Intel 7i with a 14″ screen, $799.99 for a 16″ screen (both coming in April), or $799.99 for a 16″ screen with an AMD processor (coming this May).

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6 Comments on "Lenovo Thinks Thin with New Slim and Yoga Laptops"

  1. I think the Yoga 7 has all the features I need at a reasonable price

  2. The Lenovo Slim Pro 9i has me sold with his enhanced display features and speed

  3. Nick DeLeon | May 4, 2023 at 9:13 am | Reply

    I love the concept of these slimmed down laptops. I remember when I was a kid, my first laptop was so thick and heavy and would get super hot, so these newer slim laptops are amazing.

  4. Seems like a good product

  5. Alexander Cheng | May 9, 2023 at 3:12 am | Reply

    I love the 9i!

  6. Liz Armstrong | June 2, 2023 at 11:30 pm | Reply

    Laptops get thinner and lighter every year. Love it!

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