Samson’s New Satellite USB/iOS Broadcast Microphone Is Great at Home and On-the-Go

Samson just revealed their new Samson Satellite USB/iOS Broadcast Microphone. A small but powerful microphone, it pulls off a trick that far too few microphones can; it works just as well with iOS devices as it does with computers. Samson describes it as “versatile.” I describe it as “awesome” and hope to give it a try when it is released.

Samson’s New Satellite USB/iOS Broadcast Microphone Is Great at Home and On-the-Go

As Samson notes, the Satellite USB/iOS Broadcast Microphone “offers content creators a portable and effective solution for capturing high-definition audio on a desktop or mobile devices. With 24-bit/96kHz audio, three selectable pickup patterns, patented fold-back leg design and more, the Samson Satellite is the perfect fit for musicians, podcasters and streamers who rely on broadcast-quality audio in their craft.”

Samson’s New Satellite USB/iOS Broadcast Microphone Is Great at Home and On-the-Go

The Samson Satellite has two 16mm condenser capsules that allow it to capture clear audio with “smooth, accurate frequency response.” Also, it offers a significant degree of flexibility thanks to three selectable pickup patterns which include cardioid, omnidirectional and bidirectional. That means, for example, you can use the microphone to capture a wide range of sound or, if you prefer, focus on capturing a single performer. Add in an internal shock mount that isolates the capsules from the body of the microphone thereby avoiding outside interference due to movement or other interference made by handling the microphone, and you have an audio capture device that is up to the task regardless of where you are using it.

This no-compromise microphone is also noteworthy thanks to its plug-and-play design. It ships with both USB or Lightning cables so you can choose which computing device to use to capture audio without the need to purchase additional cables or download drivers. Simply plug the microphone into your laptop, your iPhone or your iPad, and you are ready to record. When you do record, you will find that the Samson Satellite captures 24-bit/96kHz studio-quality sound.

Samson’s New Satellite USB/iOS Broadcast Microphone Is Great at Home and On-the-Go

Also, the microphone includes a 1/8” headphone output for zero-latency monitoring and a soft touch-mute switch so you can quickly, and silently, mute the mic without adding unwanted clicks and pops into the audio stream.

The Samson Satellite has a compact design that is ready to go with you wherever your travels lead. Patented fold-back legs allow the microphone to be positioned in the best location whether you are capturing an interview or a vocal performance. When the session is over, you can then simply fold up the legs and throw it into your gear bag. And don’t worry, the Samson Satellite doesn’t need to be handled with kid gloves, it is made from a durable aluminum body and has a heavy-gauge steel mesh grille to keep the microphone safe. Oh, and it has a bit of a retro thing going on so it will look cool no matter where you are using it.


  • USB/iOS broadcast microphone
  • Ideal for streaming, podcasting, gaming, VoIP, voiceover work and recording music
  • Dual 16mm condenser capsules
  • Selectable cardioid (unidirectional), bidirectional and omnidirectional pickup patterns
  • 24-bit/96kHz resolution
  • Smooth, flat frequency response of 20Hz–20kHz
  • 1/8″ stereo headphone output with level control for zero-latency monitoring
  • Microphone mute switch
  • 3-color Power/Clip/Mute LED
  • Plugs directly into Mac, PC, iPhone or iPad
  • Compatible with most computer-based digital audio workstation software
  • Patented fold-back leg design provides optimal mic positioning
  • Durable aluminum body with heavy-gauge steel mesh grille
  • Retro design with black finish and chrome accents
  • Includes Lightning to USB Micro and USB to USB Micro cables
  • Product Dimensions (H x W x DIA): 8.6″ (218mm) x 4.3″ (108mm) x 1.7″ (45mm)
  • Product Weight: 0.75lb (0.34kg)

The Samson Satellite will be $99.99 when it arrives this May. Check out all of Samson’s products here.

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