Samson QH4 4-Channel Headphone Amplifier Review

Samson QH4 is one of those products designed for professional musicians but also makes sense for non-professionals who simply want to share their music with others while wearing headphones. The Samson QH4 is “a 4-channel headphone amplifier designed to distribute your audio to up to four individual headphones, each with its own volume control.” And there’s much more. 

Samson Meteor M2 Speaker Review

I recently finished my home bar and began searching for some small speakers to play through my laptop or iPad. The opportunity to review the Samson Meteor M2 speakers came about so I jumped on it. The $149.99 Samson Meteor M2 speaker combines an old school design style with great sound perfect for desktops, laptops, and tablets.

Listen Up! Samson Meteorite USB Condenser Microphone

I’ve used the Samson Meteor Microphone since first doing the review three years ago. (Read it!) I love the retro look, the ease-of-use, and quality recordings it produces. Now the company has released the Samson Meteorite. A small, USB condenser microphone, it is inexpensive, easy to use, and great if you want something more than what your computer microphone offers. 

Review: Samson Meteor Mic

About two weeks ago Thomas mentioned a brand-new microphone that was about to be released, the Sampson Meteor Mic. He told me that it not only had a great look to it but that all reports indicated it worked beautifully. It was small, easily transportable thanks to its fold up design, and it looked pretty cool. Most importantly it apparently offered excellent sound quality. I told him I’d have to look into it. I was fortunate enough to have a review unit waiting for me just two days later. I’ve been using it ever since and have been incredibly impressed…

Samson Go Mic Compact USB Microphone – Review

For quite a while I used MacSpeech Dictate with the built-in microphones and both my iMac and my MacBook Pro. Recently, however, I began using a microphone whenever I dictate. While I find it a bit inconvenient to set up and use a microphone every time I want to dictate something, especially when using my MacBook Pro, the increased accuracy of the transcription more than makes up for the few seconds it takes to get ready. I have been using a number of different microphones but one of my current favorites is the Go Mic from Sampson. The microphone is…