Print Your Photos Wherever You Are with Polaroid’s Mint Camera & Pocket Printer

Polaroid has fully embraced instant photography at CES 2019 by announcing a host of different cameras, film, 3D printers and even televisions at their Polaroid booth. One that truly intrigued us was the Mint Camera and Pocket Printer.

The Mint Instant Digital Camera ($99.99) and Mint Instant Digital Pocket Printer ($129.99) are two of Polaroid’s portable cameras that come complete with Polaroid’s ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology that each allow you to take photos wherever you are and instantly give them to your friends and family. A perfect solution for when the photo booth at a wedding is too long, the Mint Instant Digital Camera features a vertical design that resembles the way you typically would take photos on your smartphone. The ability to take the photo from the device and print them, or save to the camera’s SD card to later sync to your computer for editing is a perfect way to take in the sights without having to always share them from your smartphone.

Meanwhile the Polaroid Instant Digital Pocket Printer, allows you to directly print from your phone. This is a perfect method backpackers who tend to take a lot of photos and want to share them with friends, thanks to being able to use the fun editing tools like adding borders and filter to make the photo stand out even more. Both the Instant Camera and Instant Printer are available in white, black, red, blue or yellow so you can mix or match them to your liking.

If you would like more information on the MINT series by Polaroid, you can head over to today.

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