JUICIES+ Lightning and Micro USB Power Cables Looking for Funding on Kickstarter Now

Juicies+ 1The folks at Juicies may have come up with a way to improve upon Apple’s lightening cables as well as the typical Micro USB cable. The JUICIES+ cable is made of anodized aluminum, wrapped in a tangle-free woven cable, and is a foot longer than the typical power cables. A $20 Kickstarter pledge lands you one power cable of the future.

Project Title:  JUICIES+ for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phones

Status:  Currently Funding

Closing Date for Funding:  11/1/13

URL of the Projecthttp://www.kickstarter.com/projects/laudowicz/juicies-for-iphone-android-blackberry-and-windows

Juicies+ 3Product Overview: JUICIES+ incorporate a few great cable designs that I’ve been looking for in a charging cable.  Firstly, and most important to me, is that the JUICIES+ cable is 4 feet long, a whole foot longer than the typical phone charging cable.  Second, the wire itself is wrapped in a woven cable, ensuring a strong, tangle-free yet flexible cord.  Thirdly, the connectors used are certified by the original manufacturers.  This means that you’ll never get an “unsupported accessory” message when using it.  This is mainly important when trying to update your operating system.  Lastly, the connection housings are made of very slick looking sandblasted anodized aerospace aluminum to match the same material used in most of the top-of-the-line phones.

Juicies+ 2Who at Gear Diary Backed It:  Perry, so far

At What Level Did We Back:  $20 for one JUICIES+ cable.  I may bump my pledge up to $35 for two cables, if my wife is interested.

Why We Backed It:  I like to use my phone in bed, either before sleep or when I wake up, but my Apple lightning cable is just a little too short.  I’d love a longer cable to give me a little more slack.  Also, the fact that the woven cable is strong is a great selling point for travel.

Juicies+ 4How’s Communication From the Creatives Been?:  There has been one update so far from the creator in the first week of funding, and there’s almost 2 months left to go!

What Has the Experience Been:  There is a lot of buzz in the comments section regarding stretch goals, so I’m excited to see where it goes, as the project has already more than doubled it’s goal.

Would You Recommend this Kickstarter Project?:  Absolutely.  However I would warn potential backers that Juicies first Kickstarter project was marred by delays, so that’s a possibility here.  You’d hope that they learned their lesson for the 2nd Kickstarter project.

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  1. Interesting. I wonder if this will help the durability of the cable itself? I am not too sure about lightening but I think that MicroUSB needs some changes. My phone’s port seems to collect dust from time to time and that dust causes issues with the MicroUSB port. Because of that and the fact that my Nexus 7 supports it, I am probably going to pick up a Qi charger so I am plugging/unplugging less.

    One thing I have been thinking of doing that is related is figuring out how to make earbuds/headphones with BETTER cables. I kill them on a regular basis. The biggest issue is the conductors are REALLY thin on modern earbuds. I want to make some that have thicker cables over all and better and REPAIRABLE connectors on the end (for those who want to effect the repair themselves).

    You CAN, of course, repair any earbuds that have a broken wire near the connector but doing it with the ultra thin wires, well that’s next to impossible.

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