Apple Pay Is Coming to Target!

Apple Pay Is Coming to Target!

I love Apple Pay. It’s hands down my preferred way of paying for things. Yes, it’s secure and all, but really, I just like not having to whip out my wallet. Since <checking my budget> approximately 80% of my spending is at Target or Wegman’s, my wallet can now go on vacation since Target now accepts Apple Pay!

Think about it — most people make shopping lists on their phones, use apps to navigate stores, and almost always have their phone available while shopping. It’s so much easier to tap and pay than to fumble with a wallet and card. On top of that, Apple Pay’s encryption means retailers don’t receive your card information directly, so the next time Target or any other retailer gets hacked no one is getting your debit card information. They will be able to judge your addiction to throw pillows and Method brand soaps though.

If you’re sad this means you’re no longer taking as many risks while shopping, the good news is according to Macrumors, Taco Bell now takes Apple Pay too, so you can gamble with your gastrointestinal system instead of your debit card information…

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