Upgrade Your Boring Office with These Futuristic Work Gadgets

With an influx of advanced gadgets on the market, offices no longer have an excuse to stay in the past. Why write down your appointments when you can get an AI tool to do it for you? With that mindset, you can rearrange your working environment with futuristic items.

Convenient designs and automated systems are changing the workplaces for the better. If your desk area looks like it’s not keeping up with the times, now’s your chance to transform it.

Outdated resources in companies only hold employees back from full productivity levels. Take advantage of the benefits of technology by incorporating exciting tools into your workspace. Here are six upgrades to bring your office from boring to innovative.

1. Ambi Climate AI Air Conditioner Controller

Upgrade Your Boring Office with These Futuristic Work Gadgets

Image via: Ambi

If you’re tired of getting up to adjust the thermostat in your office, artificial intelligence can help. Ambi Climate is an air conditioner controller that uses artificial intelligence to learn your comfort preferences and set the right conditions for the workplace by auto-adjusting the existing air conditioner. Its smart sensors pick up on humidity and sunlight, too, so not much can get past this AI system. Ambi Climate costs $129.

2. Alexa for Business

Upgrade Your Boring Office with These Futuristic Work Gadgets

Regardless of your position at work, you can hire a personal assistant by using Alexa for office tasks. Alexa for Business is a service Amazon offers that applies intelligent assistance to work-related operations. From booking a conference room to setting reminders about presentations, the voice software can make you a more efficient employee. It’s a pay-as-you-go service, but it is $7 a month per device and $3 a month for each enrolled user.

3. Smartphone Compatible LG Minibeam PH550 Projector

Upgrade Your Boring Office with These Futuristic Work Gadgets

Image via: LG

A demand for smartphone images to hold up to enlargement is rising in graphic design and technology-based businesses trends. As many try to display shots from their phone in a large group setting, a seamless gadget is necessary.

The LG Minibeam PH550 can cast images wirelessly from your phone to a nearby wall for your office needs. With a high-resolution and a long-lasting LED lamp, this projector can show presentations and documents for meetings and one-on-ones. It’s priced at $449.99.

4. Livescribe Smartpen

Upgrade Your Boring Office with These Futuristic Work Gadgets

Image via: Lifescribe

Take a break from typing but retain the benefits of organized notes with the Livescribe Smartpen. This tool bridges the gap between paper and screens, making it ideal for the office.

As it converts your handwriting to text, you can keep track of the critical information you need in digital form. You can also record audio with your written material for further direction. Smartpens start from $179.95, but the Livescribe+ mobile app is free.

5. WITLIGHT LED Sunlight Desk Lamp

Upgrade Your Boring Office with These Futuristic Work Gadgets

Image via: Amazon

Harsh indoor light can hurt your eyes and create an unnatural environment. You can bring the benefits of sunlight into your workspace with the WITLIGHT LED Sunlight Desk Lamp — and harnessing the power of the sun is pretty futuristic.

The soft light source can reduce the effect of unsightly glares, but brighten your dim space. Reflect the level and warmth of light you prefer with the touch feature. Plus, the USB port allows you to effortlessly charge devices. At $33.99, the sunlight lamp is an affordable addition to your desk.

6. YUMQUA Portable Finger Trackball Mouse

Upgrade Your Boring Office with These Futuristic Work Gadgets

Image via: Amazon

Do you experience hand pain after a long workday? Maybe the traditional dome shape of a computer mouse is not for you. Switching up the design, this finger mouse is ergonomic for your ease. The YUMQUA Portable Finger Trackball Mouse frees you from staying at your desk with its wireless connection for increased mobility. Get it for $30.98.

Outfit Your Office With High-Tech Tools

Spruce up your work area with useful gadgets and innovative resources. From AI abilities to streamlined designs, you can boost your productivity and make your office interesting with technology. Enhance your workspace with these gadgets to leave the dull feel behind.

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