The Teplo Is a Smart Connected Tea Kettle That Knows How You’re Feeling

Teplo wants your tea to be reflective of your mood when you’re drinking it so they’ve created Teplo Tea which is an internet-connected tea kettle with a heart rate sensor built-in to help it determine your state of mind.

The Teplo Is a Smart Connected Tea Kettle That Knows How You're Feeling

Apart from making a great cup of tea, the device takes the heart rate data from the user using a fingerprint sensor and makes a determination of the state of mind to determine the best way to brew the tea for how you’re feeling. The data is stored securely and analyzed on Teplo’s private servers in combination with a host of other data that this smart tea kettle can detect such as temperature, brightness, humidity, and sound.

…if a user is stressed, Teplo brews tea at a slightly lower temperature to make a
more calming, sweeter tea. If a user is tired, Teplo can brew at a higher temperature to increase caffeine levels.

Apart from the tea kettle itself, the Teplo also features an auto-rotating infuser chamber which allows the users to be completely hands-off for the whole brewing operation while ensuring that the tea is brewed at the right water temperature.

There is, of course, a mobile application to go with the tea kettle that will allow you to monitor and even control the process via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi depending on the connectivity you choose. Teplo also says the app will learn your tastes and adjust accordingly the more you use it over time.

The Teplo Is a Smart Connected Tea Kettle That Knows How You're Feeling


When it comes to the tea, the good news is that you aren’t forced to use Teplo tea pods, although those are available through their marketplace and offer a large variety of flavors of high-quality Japanese tea. You can, however, choose to use any loose leaf tea type you wish with the Teplo and it should work fine.

Teplo won a Best Home Appliance award at CES 2019 and they are launching on Kickstarter today with the $249 kettles shipping to backers in April. If you miss out on the Kickstarter, Teplo is hoping to get the kettles into retail sometime in May this year.

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