1More’s Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Are Stylishly Designed & Sound Incredible

We’ve reviewed products from 1More before, and we’ve been impressed by the quality of their audio products, mostly because of the Dual-Dynamic drivers that many of their headphones have. When I received the 1More Stylish and the 1More DualDriver BT ANC headphones, I wondered about the differences between the two and which would be my new favorite neckband-style headphones.

1More’s Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Are Stylishly Designed & Sound Incredible

The 1MORE Stylish Dual-Dynamic Driver BT headphones are a modestly priced pair of neckband style headphones available in four colors: pink, platinum gold, spearmint green, and black. I received the black model to be safe, and honestly, I’m very comfortable with the look. As the name of the headphones clearly states, the “Stylish” come with a dual-dynamic driver that features a titanium and graphene diaphragm design that delivers a sound you’d otherwise expect from headphones that cost $150 or more.

Price aside, the Stylish headphones offer up lossless Bluetooth audio that the company claims to be up to 30 feet, but honestly, in my testing I walked about 15-20 feet from my device while leaving it at my desk at work, or just to clean at home, and it began to cut out almost immediately. This is both between walls, or just walking a distance away. It’s a caveat that I can honestly understand not being a big deal for me, only because I always have my phone on me, but if you plan on using this while leaving your phone stationary, don’t stray too far.

Unlike the 1More DualDriver BT’s there are a few missing features such as active noise cancellation, but there are certainly highlights. They are incredibly comfortable thanks to their design incorporating silicone framing that feel great around your neck, and even inside of your ear with the eartips having the same material. In terms of listening, I’ve played countless hours of podcasts, audiobooks and music on the “Stylish” and they sounded remarkable with audio being balanced, giving the right about of bass, highs, and mods. At $69.99 you won’t find a better neckband style design that won’t shift on your neck while wearing and sound as good as they look. You can get more information here.

1More’s Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Are Stylishly Designed & Sound Incredible

Finally, there’s the 1More Dual Driver BT ANC which out of the two, are my favorite. Featuring active noise cancellation, the Dual Driver BT ANC’s by 1More give off an unmatched sound that even my previous Beats wireless headphones couldn’t give. Coming complete with Bluetooth 4.2 with Hi-Res Transmission Technology, these offer that same 30 foot range of listening that the Stylish BT’s do, but the difference is that these actually deliver on that promise. The ergonomic neckband is a bit weighted at the front, with buttons to the left for controls (similar to the Stylish), but also have the toggle of ANC there as well. What is more interesting is that 1More decided to incorporate USB Type C charging for the Dual Driver BT which allows for fast charging over the Stylish model.

One feature that I’d like to highlight about the Dual Driver BT ANC’s from 1More is their ENC, or Environmental Noise Cancellation. At any given day at my job the environment changes drastically from noisy and loud, then quiet at a moments notice, so 1More’s adaptation of ENC technology allows you to filter out background noise so while on a phone call (or simply listening to music), whomever or whatever you’re listening to at the time will sound more balanced, without having to constantly change the volume from your devices. And when you’re not listening, the earbud covers clasp together courtesy of magnets so they won’t just dangle while tucked under a shirt when not in use. Another HUGE bonus that I truly enjoy is the new wired mode for the headphones, so if you are on a flight, or simply want to be connected to your device, you can use the included Type-C to 3.5mm jack to plug into your device. Unfortunately, none of my devices give me this opportunity outside of my MacBook Pro, and when I attempted to use Apple’s USB-C to Lightning cable for this functionality, it did not work to plug into my iPhone XS Max.

1More’s Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Are Stylishly Designed & Sound Incredible

Unfortunately, the 1More DualDriver BT ANC’s are sold out at the moment, but you can keep up to date with notifications by visiting this link.

If you’d like more information on all of 1More’s products you can head over to their site today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Flexible enough to toss in a bag, sound incredible, charges via USB Type C (Dual Driver BT ANC)

What Needs Improvement: The Stylish model does not charge via USB-C and have no active noise cancellation

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