Give Your Phone a Scent of Its Own with This Awesome Case!

The Organika iPhone Case is a new Kickstarter that’s gone live this week, and the company sent us their Alpine Hay to test out!


Made completely out of natural organic materials, the case is essentially a silicone case around the border, with the back being the feel, and smell one of four elements that you can choose from. Depending on which of the four (Coffee, Roses, Jasmin, or Alpine Hay), the silicone on the case will be a white or black color. At $29, the Organika cases are already a steal in themselves at their current Kickstarter prices.IMG_2942

When I first opened the box for my Organika case, I was actually really excited to get the Alpine, mainly because of the texture on the back. The thing feels GREAT in your hands, but what’s more is the fact the material on the back doesn’t tear off or shed after a few days. I’ve witnessed cases similar to the Organika where after three days it would begin to peel, but the Organika has been holding up for the past two weeks and makes my iPhone look a whole lot more unique while walking on the street.

Organika case - Jasmine petals

In regards to the smell, it does have the scent of a hay patch, but it’s not an overpowering forced scent to begin with. I would’ve loved to test the coffee option, that way I could put it to a smell test beside some Starbucks coffee for good measure. I’ve personally seen nothing wrong with the Organika cases in my testing, and even after HOURS of sitting in my pocket, as well as in my hands, the Organika case still looks, feels, and yes, smells like it did when I first unboxed it.


Saying that to say this, the Organika case is still a silicone case at the end of the day, so in terms of drop protection, I wouldn’t advise it for more than waist-level drops. And even then that’s pretty risky. There is an optional Organika Case Plus that comes with a tempered glass screen protector that I didn’t have the opportunity to test out, but that is available through the Kickstarter as well for $34. This is purely a case for looks, smells, and the “cooler” effect that will have strangers stop you and say “does the case actually smell like…?”.

Organika Case - Rose petals

For more information regarding the Organika case, feel free to check out their site today!

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Great smell

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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