Speck Presidio for Samsung GALAXY S10 Line

We know Speck makes some of the most protective cases on the market; we know Speck has cases for pretty much every device currently available, and we know Speck rolled out cases for each of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones.

Speck Presidio for Samsung GALAXY S10 Line

Let’s take a quick look at each.

Speck Presidio for Samsung GALAXY S10 Line

Presidio Pro for Samsung Galaxy S10:

For just $39.95, the Presidio Pro will protect you’re Galaxy S10 in a slim case that offers anti-microbial protection and can withstand drops of up to 10 feet. Available in Black or Eclipse Blue and Carbon Black, the Presidio Pro offers the same two-layer protection the Presidio line of cases is known for.

Add in the drop protection, a raised bezel for screen protection and the anti-microbial treatment applied to each Presidio Pro, and you have a case that is ready to not only protect your phone but, thanks to killing off some of the microscopic buggies that take up residence in mobile devices, quite possibly your health too! Check it out here.

Speck Presidio for Samsung GALAXY S10 Line


Presidio V-Grip for Samsung Galaxy S10e:

The $39.95 Presidio V-Grip for the Galaxy 10E is a rather unusual case. It is slim, has a “no-slip grip perimeter” (think protective bumper), and it offers up to 10 feet of drop protection. This case, however, offers something a bit special. You see, the back of the case is clear, so you don’t completely hide your S10e!

This may look like a simple case, but there is so much going on here that I thought I would let Speck run down the reasons this might be the case for you.

  • 10-foot drop-protection with IMPACTIUM shock barrier: Ridges of IMPACTIUM material on the inside perimeter compress on impact to absorb and disperse shock. Dropped from 10 feet multiple times by independent labs to ensure superior protection.
  • Two tough and durable layers of protection: A polycarbonate outer shell and an inner IMPACTIUM lining are molded together to give you two layers of protection in a slim, one-piece case.
  • Raised bezel screen protection: Gives phone screen extra protection from scratching and shattering if your phone falls and lands face-down.
  • Ridged, no-slip grip helps prevent drops: The outer perimeter has raised ridges to provide a secure hold.
  • Clear back: This case has a clear back so you can show off the beauty of your phone, without compromising on protection.
  • Responsive button protection: The V-GRIP case protects volume and power buttons while ensuring that they remain sensitive to your touch.
  • Scratch-resistant finish: Special coating keeps your case looking great even longer.
  • Allows for wireless charging: Designed to allow for Qi wireless charging.

I love the look of this case and am especially pleased to know that the clear back is specially treated to resist scratch and that, despite the protection, the case offers, you can still wirelessly charge your phone.
Check it out here.

Speck Presidio for Samsung GALAXY S10 Line

Presidio Grip for Samsung Galaxy S10+:

The Presidio Grip for Galaxy S10+ is $44.95 and comes in a range of colors. This slim case has a raised rubber no-slip grip and offers 10-foot drop protection! Features include:

  • Two layers of protection
  • A raised bezel to protect the screen and provide lay on the table protection
  • 10-foot drop protection
  • A protective no-slip grip

Of course, while the case is highly protective, it still allows for Qi wireless charging. That means you get the convenience of wireless charging and the peace-of-mind of serious drop protection for under $45. Check it out here.

Speck Presidio for Samsung GALAXY S10 Line

Each of these cases promises to protect your pricey S10 in style so if you have any one of the three variants of the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones you want to enter this contest. Entering to win is simple. Simply follow these rules to enter. (Make sure when you Tweet you include which of the three phones you have. After all, if you win, we assume you want a case that fits the device you currently have!

Speck Presidio for Samsung GALAXY S10 Line


Speck’s cases do a great job protecting your phone when dropped but the best solution to protect your phone is to simply not drop it. That’s where Speck’s GrabTab comes in.

Speck Presidio for Samsung GALAXY S10 Line

It sits flush with the back of your phone but, when needed, becomes a finger loop making it far easier to keep a solid grip on your phone. The GrabTab (check it out here) is $9.95.


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