FEBOTE Electric Tea Kettle Lets You Control the Temperature Digitally

There are many ways to boil water, whether it’s to make tea, coffee or even ramen. The FEBOTE Electric Tea Kettle provides a way to boil a lot of water in a sleek, steel and glass enclosure while giving the user the ability to control the temperature.

FEBOTE Electric Tea Kettle Lets You Control the Temperature Digitally

When you first take the kettle out of the box, you immediately notice it’s solid and made entirely of stainless steel and glass. There’s no plastic to be found and that makes it immediately feel like a premium device to add to your kitchen arsenal. The other thing you will notice very quickly is the blue LEDs because everything is better with LEDs. Now at first, it’s kind of cool but depending on your kitchen aesthetic it may or not ruin the look of your kitchen.

FEBOTE Electric Tea Kettle Lets You Control the Temperature Digitally

On the handle, there are four buttons and a digital display which provides the temperature reading in Fahrenheit. I haven’t seen a way to change this to Celsius if you were inclined to use that measurement. The bottom button is the power button that, while sitting on the heating coil, will remain blue to indicate it’s ready to go. The two buttons above that allow you to adjust the boiling temperature to your desired specification and are pretty easy to use. Finally, the button above that allows you to enable a “keep warm” feature which essentially is designed to keep your kettle warm assuming you brewed tea inside of it as an example. When you are ready to go you hit the power button again and it turns red to indicate that it is now doing its thing. As the water heats, you can see the temperature increase and when it hits your target the kettle shuts off automatically. Simple, as it should be.

FEBOTE Electric Tea Kettle Lets You Control the Temperature Digitally

Apart from boiling water, the FEBOTE Electric Kettle also has a stainless steel tea infuser that hangs from the lid that lets you brew tea in the kettle using loose leaf tea. This is a very nice touch and something that while you may not use it today, at least gives you the option if you feel like trying it without having to buy something new. The plunger at the top lets you dip the infuser into the water and raise it so you can steep the tea as you wish. The company also provides a handy table in the manual that gives you a good guide to the different recommended temperatures for the various types of drinks.

185 F – Instant Coffee

194 F – Special Blends, French Press Coffee

140 F – White Tea

158 F – Yellow Tea

176 F – Green Tea, Oolong, Matcha, Blooming Tea

212 F – Black Tea, Herbal Tea

Overall, the FEBOTE Electric Tea Kettle is a very solid addition to your kitchen especially given the large capacity (1.7L) which means it is perfectly suited for serving about 6-7 cups of tea at a time. Even at full capacity, the water boils relatively fast so you’re not going to be sitting around waiting for too long. Given the build quality, size, features and reasonable price the FEBOTE Electric Tea Kettle is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a tea kettle for their kitchen.

FEBOTE Electric Tea Kettle Lets You Control the Temperature Digitally

The FEBOTE Electric Tea Kettle is available for $49.99 on Amazon [affiliate link].

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Great build quality and materials; Very large capacity; Ability to control temperature is handy; Comes with tea infuser; Heats up fast; Easy to operate; Blue LEDs!

What Needs Improvement: Have to pull up on the plunger to remove the lid, which is awkward; No way to change to Celsius; Power cord isn’t that long; Blue LEDS!

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