Lenovo Thinks up New Additions to Their ThinkPad and ThinkReality Lines!

Lenovo is always moving forward with new products, and they never forget the many ways they can innovate in the enterprise space. They’re out swinging with new products today, from augmented reality to tiny PCs and new ThinkPads!

First up is their new augmented reality headset, ThinkReality A6. These are designed to help businesses utilize AR/VR in various ways, all powered by Lenovo’s ThinkReality. They brag this is one of the lightest AR headsets available, but they have not commented on whether they intended to make an ironic pun about thinking about reality while using virtual reality. The ThinkReality A6 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon and Android, so it has a lot of power in a small package! No word yet on pricing or availability, so check with Lenovo if you’re interested in channeling the Terminator HUD whenever you go to work.

Power in a small package is the theme here, with all kinds of sensors that utilize Lenovo’s ThinkIoT system. The idea behind these Internet of Things devices is to make everything from doctors offices to warehouses smarter and more efficient. They included the example of a tiny camera being piloted as a potential way for retailers to better streamline self-checkout for customers, so don’t be surprised if your local Target has a very shrunken point of sale down the road!

Meanwhile, if you’ve been thinking your work desktop is too clunky, take a look at the ThinkCentre M90n and M90n-1 Nano. These are very compact desktops, designed to connect via USB-C to your monitor and take up as little space as possible. The Nano is also designed to withstand vibration and temperature swings, so it’s perfect for hardcore areas like warehouses. Or my office building, which seems to set the AC to high in winter and crank the heat in summer. The ThinkPad Nano line will be shipping this summer starting at $539/$639.

If you’re looking for more compact portability, there’s the ThinkPad S series in 13 and 14in screen sizes, designed to be lightweight for working on the go. Plus they won’t make your wallet do any heavy lifting, starting at $729 and $749 respectively. And if you need a lot of power on the go, there’s the ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen2 with a 9th generation Intel Core processor, 4k OLED screen, and Dolby Atmos speakers. That kind of power isn’t cheap, starting at $1,499.99, but if you need to work on the go, it’s worth the price!

You can find them all and more on Lenovo’s site.

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