Creative’s Pebble Desktop Speakers Are Portable, but Lack Quality Sound

Inspired by Japanese Zen Rocks you’d typically find in gardens are the Pebble USB Desktop Speakers by Creative. The company sent us over a unit to check out, so let’s see how they help our desktop setup.

Creative's Pebble Desktop Speakers Are Portable, but Lack Quality Sound

I’m a really huge fan of smaller desktop speakers because they allow me to still have a bit of space on my desk, and having the Pebble be USB powered, I can actually take the speakers with me on the go with me on trips, or from my desk at work to my desk at home. What first impressed me about the Pebble speakers though was the look. Available in white or black they give off a deviled egg look (at least to me). With the open look of the 45-degree elevated drivers that allow for audio projection it’s pretty pleasant to look at on your desk and even if there’s not much decor on your desktop they will certainly stand out.

Creative's Pebble Desktop Speakers Are Portable, but Lack Quality Sound

The premise is pretty simple, there’s a button on the front for volume control and power, and an LED indicator to the left allowing you to know when the device is on. Other than that,t here’s not much to see here.

In terms of audio quality however it could be hit or miss. The Pebble speakers aren’t the largest, and as a result, actual audio quality takes a hit. Even though they boast those elevated drivers and passive radiators, if you’re listening to music you may not notice much difference in the quality, but if you’re a gamer, there’s a bit more to be desired. For example, with my MacBook Pro, which doesn’t do much gaming to begin with, apps like Spotify, or watching YouTube sounds as you’d expect any streaming or viewing quality to sound. However, when at a friend’s house, I took my Pebble there to play a bit of Fortnite with him and there was a clear distinction in sound quality. It could be because we connected them to his desktop through the USB port, but nevertheless, the audio was rather choppy.

Creative's Pebble Desktop Speakers Are Portable, but Lack Quality Sound

There’s quite a bit that could be improved in the next version of the Pebble, but it all starts with the audio quality. If you’re looking for a great pair of speakers to travel in your luggage or backpack when you connect via Laptop, these might do the trick for you. However, be mindful if you plan on doing any gaming at all. That being said, they are only $24.99 to purchase.

For more information on the Pebble Portable Speaker by Creative, you can head over to their site today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Great set of desktop speakers aesthetically; portable

What Needs Improvement: Sound is lacking in a major way

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