Why Didn’t Apple Just Put a REAL OS on the iPad Pro, and Are You Still Buying It?

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Why Didn't Apple Just Put a REAL OS on the iPad Pro, and Are You Still Buying It? Listen to this article

You would think that with Apple being one of the bigger names out there in the market, when they announced that the iPad Pro, which had much speculation months prior was finally coming out, there wouldn’t be so much indecision regarding actually purchasing the gargantuan sized tablet. So what’s actually drawing you to it? What’s holding you back?

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For me, being an iPad Mini Retina user looking at the iPad Pro, there are a few things that intrigue me. I have a 128GB iPad Mini Retina, and it suits me just fine, but I’m just like some of you. If three people say it’s good, then I might be swayed into buying it. But one thing has hindered me a bit. For such a beautiful tablet, sporting an A9x chip, it’s certainly faster than other tablets out there on the market, so for a tablet the size of your already functional Macbook, why not have some form of a REAL desktop experience on the device?

Now I’m not saying I need a USB slot on my tablet, or some SD card reader (because we know Apple doesn’t do the whole expandable memory and er… “Stylus” thing.. until now), but something has to give. My attempt to be financially frugal when it comes to if I would get this iPad Pro starts with the question from earlier. Why not have the ability to use some of the functions from your MacBook on your tablet, especially with the price models being almost similar.

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For a tablet that comes with a new keyboard and a “pencil”, I’m not completely sold on this at all. Then to add that this first iteration of the large tablet doesn’t even have that “revolutionary 3D Touch” feature, is it just worth it to save myself $1000 and wait until the iPad Pro 2? Or what about just getting a “can-do” tablet, like the upcoming Surface Pro 4, which I’m sure will be around the same price tag.

With Christmas right around the corner, and money burning a hole in our wallets, Apple certainly has a way of making us want things we don’t necessarily need, especially a 32GB tablet the size of your laptop for $800. With apps and graphics expected to grow in size as a result of the larger screen retail, does the cost justify what you’re getting?

Sure you can say, the MacBook is a real computer and the Pro is that fine line between a tablet and a laptop substitute for things like travel, but if that’s what Apple was setting us up for, then they really missed the mark, mainly by not including even the most basic MacOS functionality!

What are your thoughts on the iPad Pro, and will you be purchasing when you have the opportunity? Sound off in the comments.

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