JYROBALL Is an Entirely New Breed of Self-Balancing Rideable

JYROBALL is a brand new self-balancing rideable that is shaped like a sphere. With footplates that fold out, users can ride up to 12.4mph and go up to 14 miles on a single charge. JYROBALL is supposed to be more maneuverable and stable than a hoverboard and easier to ride than a traditional electric unicycle.

JYROBALL Is an Entirely New Breed of Self-Balancing Rideable

MOBY Micro Mobility out of Dublin, Ireland has published an Indigogo campaign for the JYROBALL as of today, making it available for preorder for only $395, which is 55% off the expected retail price. The JYROBALL is expected to ship in September. Thanks to its small form factor and 20-pound weight, it’s meant to be easily carried between rides. Inside the JYROBALL is a 500w gyroscopic brushless motor that’s capable of powering a rider who weighs up to 220 pounds while riding up a 15% grade.

Said Thomas O’Connell, founder of MOBY:

“JYROBALL is the culmination of 4years of development, and we are thrilled to unveil it today. Our team was extremely dissatisfied with contemporary designs for hoverboards and electric rideables, and set out to create something that was as fun as it was easy to ride. That is what we are delivering with JYROBALL, a completely new approach to micro-mobility.”

The main exterior body of the JYROBALL is a replaceable 15mm rubber composite tire, which gives it a very distinctive look. The sphere itself is only about 10” in diameter. The footplates are deployed with the push of a button so that you can stand astride the JYROBALL motor with the center of your weight directly above the motor. Thanks to this design, this spherical self-balancing rideable is supposedly extremely easy to learn, with users being able to master the basics within 10 minutes.

JYROBALL Is an Entirely New Breed of Self-Balancing Rideable

I’m excited to learn more about the JYROBALL, and I’m especially excited to be one of the first to receive one for review once they’re available. Until then, you can support the JYROBALL Indiegogo campaign. Stay tuned to Gear Diary for our full review later this year.

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