Open Workspace? Check out the Logitech Zone Wireless

Logitech describes their new Logitech Zone Wireless as being, a “wireless Bluetooth headset designed to control your acoustic environment and get stuff done in open workspaces.” In lay terms, the new headset is designed for people who work in open offices or who need to make and take a lot of calls during the day. Is the new headset worth the $199.99 for the Zone Wireless?” Let’s take a look?

ELEVATE YOUR OPEN OFFICE: Open workspaces are great for collaboration, but they can also be noisy. Take control of your acoustic environment with Zone Wireless, the Bluetooth headset specifically designed for busy workspaces. Connect it simultaneously to your smartphone and computer. Great for talking, immersive for music, and active noise cancellation for when you need to concentrate.

Logitech’s own advertising makes clear the intended audience for this headset. It works well for music, but it isn’t targeted toward audiophiles. It works well if you are making calls, but it isn’t intended for people who are looking to chit chat. It does a fine job for both these purposes, but those aren’t how this headset is being marketed. Instead, the Logitech Zone Wireless is specifically targeted to people who need to focus in an environment that isn’t conducive to quiet contemplation or conversations.

As they put it:

Seamlessly switch between smartphone and computer Great for music. Great for active collaboration. Zone Plus (available later this summer) connects additional Unifying peripherals with one receiver.

Inside the simple brown box, I found the wireless headset, the USB-A dongle, a charging cable, a cheap travel bag, and some documentation.

At just 6.38oz, I was surprised by how light the headset is. The company used a combination of metal and plastic to keep it light but durable. It weighs next to nothing but feels substantial enough to put up with the daily use and abuse it is likely going to encounter in an office environment.

The headband is thin but has enough padding on the underside to keep it comfortable while wearing for extended periods.

The collapsible design results in a small package that is easy to throw in your bag. The hinge feels fairly strong and locks into the open position with a satisfying click. An exposed wire connects the two earcups and is hidden as it passes through the headband from one side to the other.

The right ear cup seems to have no controls or anything worthy of note. This isn’t actually the case, however, since this side of the headset has Qi wireless charging built into it, and the charging receiver is embedded in this ear cup. More on that in a moment.

The left ear cup has a good deal more going on. There is a micro USB charging port if you opt not to use the Qi wireless charging, a button to control the Active Noise Cancellation, and a power/pairing button.

Next to them is a small light that lets you know when the headset is on.

The flat part of the ear cup has volume up and down buttons and a multi-function button in the center.

The noise-canceling microphone boom swings easily out of the way and can go in either direction. That means you can wear the headset with the microphone boom on either side. A small button on the microphone boom lets you mute the microphone for times when you might need a moment of privacy while on a call.

The headset provides 14 hours of talk time with the ANC on and 15 hours with it turned off. It delivers 14 hours of music playback with the ANC on and 16 hours with the ANC off. It has a wireless range of 30 meters or 100 feet. And, with the USB Unifying + Audio receiver, the Zone Wireless Plus can connect up to six Logitech Unifying wireless peripherals at once.

Finally, when taking a high-level view of the headset, it is important to include the Logi Tune mobile app. The app offers a clear interface that lets you control such functions such as muting a call, view charge status, modulate sidetone controls, adjust the 5-band EQ sliders or, if you prefer, choose one of the EQ presets. The app is also key to syncing the headset with multiple mobile devices and updating your headset when updates are available.

Logitech delineates the features of the headset this way.

  • GET FOCUSED. STAY FOCUSED.: Open workspaces are great for collaboration, but not so great when the conversations around you make it hard to concentrate. With active noise cancellation that substantially reduces unwanted ambient sound, a Zone Wireless headset can help you focus on the task at hand and get more stuff done. Think of it as a personal portal to acoustic serenity amidst a sea of otherwise distracting noise. Same workspace, but with a sound experience that you control.
  • GREAT FOR MUSIC AND TALKING: Treat yourself to immersive sound when listening to music. Logitech audio engineers have been fine-tuning headset audio for decades, and the results are amazingly clear as you experience your playlist with Zone Wireless. When it’s time for a phone chat or conference call, the noise-canceling mic ensures that your voice is heard on the other end of a call—not the noise around you. Of course, the sound quality of your meetings is equally amazing.
  • SIMPLE CONTROLS. EASY TO USE.: Zone Wireless provides an intuitive and simple interface to adjust volume, play and pause music, start and end calls, activate/mute the microphone, plus button controls for power, active noise cancellation, and wireless Bluetooth® pairing. Zone Wireless supports fast, wireless Qi charging and includes a mobile companion app that supports easy set-up and simple control for headset functions like mute and EQ presets.
  • ALL-DAY COMFORT: Zone Wireless is designed for office use all day, every day. The silicone-padded headband is lightweight and provides just the right clamping force for a fit that’s so comfortable you might forget you’re wearing a high-performance headset. Soft leatherette ear pads are cushiony and breathable, so your ears don’t get hot. Zone Wireless blocks sound from the moment you put it on, and the foldable design makes it handy to stow when you take the headset off.
  • CONNECT MULTIPLE DEVICES: Designed for mobile workers, Zone Wireless provides the versatility to wirelessly connect to your computer, tablet, and smartphone simultaneously and seamlessly switch between connected devices at will. The 30 m (100 ft) wireless range provides freedom to roam while staying connected. Transition between phone chats, video conferencing, music, and general noise reduction throughout your day—all with the same headset and happy-making acoustic performance.
  • ONE UNIFYING + AUDIO RECEIVER: Use Zone Wireless Plus headset with up to six other Logitech Unifying™ wireless products using the same USB receiver. This single receiver plugs into the USB-A port on your computer and provides a reliable connection up to 10 m (33 ft) away from mice and keyboards, and up to 30 m (100 ft) away from the headset. With no need to ever unplug the receiver, it never gets misplaced or lost. No more choosing between your headset, mouse, or other peripherals—now you can use them all simultaneously.
  • FULL CONTROL WITH TUNE APP: Open the Logi Tune mobile app to access Zone Wireless headset controls on your smartphone or tablet screen. From the elegantly intuitive dashboard, confidently manage mute, view charging status, modulate sidetone controls, and tweak the 5-band EQ sliders (or choose one of the custom presets). The app also makes it easy to sync Zone Wireless with multiple mobile devices and download software updates.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Works with common calling applications across almost all platforms and operating systems.

All of those features are enough to make the Logitech ZoneWireless worth a second look but, of course, what matters most is the experience of using it. Thankfully, this is a Logitech product. That means they do a great job on multiple levels.

Thanks to the light design of the headset, it is comfortable to wear. The headband is curved in such a way that the headset places enough pressure to create a good seal on your ears without putting so much that it becomes uncomfortable over extended periods of wearing it. The soft, synthetic material covering each ear cup adds to the comfort of the headset and does a nice job providing a good deal of passive noise isolation.

The controls are limited in number and placed in such a manner that they make it easy to access and control the headset without the need for taking it off or having to overthink things.

I was pleasantly surprised when I used the headset to listen to music. The sound was full, rich, and enjoyable. Having approached this headset with an eye toward its use in a professional context, I didn’t go looking for a quality audio experience. I was impressed by the audio experience the Zone Wireless delivers; you won’t be disappointed!

On the ANC front, there is more to say. I went into this review having reviewed such ANC-powerhouse headsets as the Master & Dynamic M65, the current offerings from Plantronics and many more. All of them do a great job of reducing ambient noise. I was initially surprised that the Zone Wireless reduced noise but didn’t fully block it. My immediate thought was, “These don’t do it for me.” Then I spent more time with them. When I have music playing the ANC is enough to let me only hear the music. And when I don’t have music on, the ANC is strong enough to cut out enough of the ambient sound that I’m able to concentrate on my work without being completely cut off from what is happening around me. So while I do not think this is the headset I would choose for a long flight or train ride, I think these are fantastic for use in an office or if you are trying to get work done at home and there is activity around you.

Finally, there is the Qi wireless charging built into the Logitech Zone Wireless. I’ve ever seen this feature in a headset and think it is great. Having the ability to take off the headset and on a Qi wireless charger means that, when I pick it up the next day, it is charged and ready for the new day. This feature might not make sense in a headset designed for travel, but it is a great feature for a headset that is used day in and day out in an office.

Here’s the company’s promotional video for the Zone Wireless:

The Logitech Zone Wireless is an interesting headset. It does a good job delivering quality audio, but that isn’t its main purpose. It is effective at cutting out ambient sound but doesn’t do so as completely as other headsets. Instead, it delivers excellent quality calls, cuts out a significant amount of external noise and charges wirelessly so the headset will always be ready for a long day of work. The Zone Wireless is designed for the office and delivers on that front beautifully. The fact that using it to listen to music is a great experience means you won’t only use the headset at the office but let there be no doubt; this is a headset that is in its element at work. You can check it out here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Logitech Zone Wireless

What I Like: Light; Solidly built; Good battery life; Built-in ANC; With dongle connects to multiple Logitech devices; Comfortable; easy-to-use controls

What Needs Improvement: Good sound but not for audiophiles; ANC is great for offices but might not be ideal for travel

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