Tile’s Newest Trackers Sport New Styles & Better Bluetooth Range


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Tile, the world’s most popular smart location-based item finders, today announced updates to a few of their most popular products and a few new products to make finding all of your things easier.

Tile's Newest Trackers Sport New Styles & Better Bluetooth Range

Jumping ahead of all of the rumors that Apple plans on releasing its own item tracker, Tile announced their all-new Tile Sticker, a slimmer version of the Tile Slim, and substantial upgrades to the popular Tile Pro and Mate. I’ve had a chance to get my hands on each of the four products, and as someone who uses Tile for everything from my everyday carry bag, my MacBook, iPad and more, it’s exciting that Tile has managed to make substantial changes after listening to the Tile Community air their desires for an even better product.

Tile's Newest Trackers Sport New Styles & Better Bluetooth Range

One of the first upgrades is Tile Slim. While the original Tile Slim is already thin, the updated version takes the form of a credit card, which was something I always wanted.

Tile's Newest Trackers Sport New Styles & Better Bluetooth Range

I felt like the original slim would move around in my wallet and fit rather oddly sitting around my credit cards and cash. The new form allows it to fit flush in your purse or wallet, but it’s also great for putting in your travel tags for luggage. The Tile Slim boasts a longer 200′ range and twice the volume of the previous Slim. Slim also boasts a full three-years of battery life.

Tile's Newest Trackers Sport New Styles & Better Bluetooth Range

The newest product is the Sticker which is something I’ve been asking Tile specifically to make for the last three years. After partnering with 3M to design an adhesive that should stick for up to three years of average use, the Sticker can be put on a flat surface like the under the seat of a bicycle, the back of your TV remote, and even for your DSLR or outdoor gear if you tend to misplace them.

Tile's Newest Trackers Sport New Styles & Better Bluetooth Range

I feel like there are so many use cases for the Sticker, and frequent use is going to show the potential of the product might make it the hottest thing that Tile has made since the Pro and Mate. The Sticker comes with a full three-year battery life and 150′ range.

Tile's Newest Trackers Sport New Styles & Better Bluetooth Range

Finally, there’s the Tile Pro and Mate series. Not much has really changed aesthetically with the Pro or Mate which the upgrades being more internal specs. With an unprecedented 400 foot Bluetooth range, the Pro gives users the ability to find their devices like keys and purses with a wider range, on top of the replaceable battery which is a lifesaver for someone who pays for Tile Premium and enjoys having their Tile replaced for less money when the battery is depleted.

Tile's Newest Trackers Sport New Styles & Better Bluetooth Range

Meanwhile. the Tile Mate’s 200′ Bluetooth range (50′ more than the previous model) is great to attach to your water bottle, or even things for your kids like their lunch box.

“Our customers increasingly rely on Tile to find and keep track of all of their belongings,” said Prober. “Whether it’s their backpacks, their cameras, or their keys, the Tile community comes together to locate lost items. With more customers using our expanded hardware lineup, more partners adopting our technology, and more access points coming to market everyday, we continue to deliver the most versatile and powerful finding platform.”

Prices for the new Tile products are as follows:
Tile Sticker: Available in Black, starting from $39.99 for a 2-pack, $59.99 for a 4-pack
Tile Slim: Available in Black for $29.99
Tile Mate: Available in White, for $24.99
Tile Pro: Available in Black and White, for $34.99

Available today, you can head over to Tile.com for more information.

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