Casely Brings Subscriptions and Style to Phone Cases

Some people buy a case with their phone, and never take it off. Others see a case as a fashion statement and swap them based on mood, needs, and what matches. Casely has a plan for the case-swappers, offering a new case every 1 or 3 months. We tested their cases to see if they’re worth a rotating spot on your phone!

Casely Brings Subscriptions and Style to Phone CasesCasely offers two types of cases for their subscription model: Bold and Classic. Classic is simply a hardshell case, while Bold adds some extra cushioning, air pockets, and a raised lip for a slightly more rugged setup. Most of their cases come in both versions, though you do need to indicate which you want when you sign up for the subscription. Classic costs $15 per shipment, while Bold is $25. Either way, that’s a very reasonable price point for a well-built phone case. You can cancel the subscription anytime, though if you are a serial phone case swapper, it’s worth considering the seasonal option at least-$60-$100 per year isn’t an insane amount to spend on cases, and if you’re the type to get restless after a few months, it automates the process of finding something new.

Casely Brings Subscriptions and Style to Phone Cases

Of course, all this matters less than the biggest question: how good are the cases? We were sent two Bold Casely cases to try, and they’re really excellent. Straight retail is $35, and subscription is $25, but these are excellent cases at either price. They’re built well, fit very nicely around the phone, and I can attest to their ability to be protective since I dropped my phone twice from a distance of about 5 feet twice in a weekend and it came through unscathed.

Casely Brings Subscriptions and Style to Phone Cases

Aesthetically, I think the Casely cases look great. We were sent two different versions of the color block design, and they have a funky retro look to them that’s visually quite appealing. The interior of the cases is textured, presumably to help with the impact dispersion feature, and the edges are rubberized but stiff. Sometimes rugged cases can develop loose spots around the charge ports, but the Casely case seems to be well built and shows no signs of loosening. Casely also puts a black ring around the camera cutout, so there’s no risk of the flash causing any picture washout-it’s also quite the generous cutout, so that helps too. My one quibble is that the white rainbow case does pick up some grunge around the edges due to using white rubber-it came off with washing but it’s worth noting.

I tend to be the type to swap cases fairly often. If you’re like me, the Casely program is definitely worth considering. And honestly, Casely’s whole site is worth a look-they sell ring sockets for grip, wallets to stick to the back of the cases, and if you’re looking to spend more in exchange for power, they also offer a variety of colors of battery cases for around $55. Casely isn’t a household name, but given the value and the depth of offerings, it really should be!

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Liked: Solid build quality; protective cases; affordable price; nice design

What Needs Improvement: White/lighter colors can pick up grime easily

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