Skyroam Solis X: A Major Upgrade to Wi-Fi Hotspots

We’ve covered the original Skyroam, a great way of connecting on the go regardless if you are a digital nomad or just someone who is traveling and needs to overcome the limitations of traveling data packages that your carrier might provide. The company sent me over their latest innovation, the Skyroam Solis X, which is proving to be even better than I expected.

Skyroam Solis X: A Major Upgrade to Wi-Fi Hotspots

Labeled as the World’s First Wi-Fi hotspot, the Skyroam Solis X shares some similarities of the original, with added features that are worth mentioning. Solis X allows users local or abroad to pay a flat fee for a days access. For $9 a month you get a gigabyte of worldwide full speed 4G LTE WiFi mobile data which is already fantastic, but what makes the Solis X that much more of an improvement is the fact that it comes with now a remote camera, a power bank, and now even smart assistant.

A coffee shop lovers best friend, the Solis X by Skyroam has been apart of my on-the-go everyday carry essentials when I’m out and about. Occasionally I end up suffering from terrible Verizon coverage in places like bars and congested areas in downtown Washington, DC, and this has come to save the day quite a few times. When most folks heard about the original Skyroam Solis, it was more than likely while in an airport, with the premise being that it would provide international data connections while you traveled. But the Solis X is so much more than that, let me explain.

Skyroam’s internal virtual SIM card allows you to connect in 130+ countries already, but the Solis X is special because you can now share it with up to 10 devices. This comes in handy if you tend to carry your laptop, smartphone and a tablet with you when you travel. Quite a few digital nomads that I know complain about having an all in one method of keeping connected without having to buy multiple SIM cards for said devices when they are abroad, and the Skyroam is there to be the do-all solution to that.

Skyroam Solis X: A Major Upgrade to Wi-Fi Hotspots

The hockey puck-like device can easily fit in your back pocket, so when you’re in a bind, you can turn it on so you can browse the internet send that Instagram photo from your dinner table, and email those annoying people who ignore your out-of-office replies. It comes with a 4700 mAh battery that can charge your devices, complete with a USB-C or USB-A option of charging. The fact that Skyroam was nice enough to pair both a USB-C cable with an optional USB-A adapter allow you to not only charge my Pixel but my iPhone as well.

Skyroam Solis X: A Major Upgrade to Wi-Fi Hotspots

Here’s a few things that Skyroam mentions about the Solis X:

  • Connect instantly: Skyroam’s patented Virtual SIM technology connects in over 130+ countries and is shareable on 10 different devices. Fast, 4G LTE speeds, wide range global frequency bands offer a more reliable connection
  • Be your own charging station: The Solis X has a 4700 mAh battery that works as a portable power bank to charge smartphones mid-day and avoid the dreaded 1%
  • Share moments that matter: The Solis X remote camera is 8MP with flash,wide angle view, and self-timer to capture, record, monitor and live stream on-the-go. Control through the Solis WiFi app
  • Do it all from anywhere: Using the Solis X smart assistant, powered by built-in GPS and IFTTT, users can control or automate thousands of apps and services from the Solis WiFi App and Smartspot with a single tap


In terms of their plans, Skyroam has their Skyroam GoData subscription which is what I currently use. What it does is leverage a proprietary global network for up to 300 carrier partners around the world to optimize local connectivity, making sure that you have the best full speed 4G LTE WiFi in the area you are in. I wish I had this when I went to Europe last year because compared to my carrier plan that after 50mb and essentially dropping to 2G speeds, my Skyroam Solis X promises to keep the speed consistent regardless where I am in the world. The price is $9 a month for a single 1GB with the ability to add data at anytime for a flat rate of $9 per gigabyte. There is also the $99 monthly plan that offers up unlimited data that while I have not been able to check out, I look forward to eventually switching to now that I can use it not just when I travel, but anywhere I go since 1GB at least in my purposes would go quickly. Compared to other companies with hidden fees, Skyroam has been completely transparent with their packages, and “no contracts” approach which might be really helpful if you only need data for those two weeks out of the year that you might vacation. It’s worth mentioning that the Solis X having those additional five devices compared to the original Skyroam Solis would be even more helpful for family travel.

In my use of the Skyroam Solis X, not only have I been connected everywhere from the coffee shop, the train, an even at home, I even typed up this review at the pool! Compared to using public WiFi, I find that I use my VPN service of choice less and less as the Solis X is its own secure connection which is great for data privacy. The app is pretty transparent, telling you virtually all of the data that you’ve consumed, the amount of time you’ve been connected to the network, as well as the ability to purchase more data if you are running low.

One included feature of the Solis X is the ability to take a photo. While I can’t say I would ever use the remote camera since my Pixel and iPhone do a great job at photos, I can say it’s a nice touch, and if you are in a bind and need that quick selfie while traveling, it’s a great way of capturing that shot without hyperextending your arm.

“The Solis X was designed to enhance social, family, and travel experiences for anyone who wishes to do more from anywhere,” says Skyroam Founder and CEO, Jing Liu. “By expanding upon what Skyroam does best, we are enabling so many more consumers to stay connected with loved ones, stay powered on, stay socially engaged and stay integrated into their “smart” lifestyle with no geographic limits. We see Solis X as a platform and are excited to see how our customers will use their imagination to bring its possibilities to life in hundreds of new ways.”

The Skyroam Solis X Wifi Smartspot costs $179.99 (this does not include the daily passes that you pay for, or the monthly unlimited plan which you can purchase directly through the app. You can purchase the world’s first Wifi Hotspot by clicking this link today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Transparent payment method and solid internet connection; Ability to charge on the go is nice as well.

What Needs Improvement: Depending on local network, the Wifi connection can go in and out but that’s more of a issue with network and not the Solis X itself. Deserves a larger internal battery.

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