Magneti Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone 5/5s is the Perfect Keyboard

The Magneti Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone 5/5s by Moguls Mobile is the perfect accessory for those who want an iPhone, but can’t seem to get the hang of the touch screen keyboard. In the very beginning, I wasn’t able to type on my iPhone, so I truly understand the need for this product. The Magneti Keyboard retails for $74.99.

Magneti Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone 5/5s is the Perfect Keyboard

When I bought my first touch screen phone, the Motorola Droid, I was enamored with the fact that I could type on the screen or pull out the physical keyboard and click away. I thought the Droid was the perfect compromise between touch screen technology and the ability to type on a physical keyboard. So, when I switched to my first full touch screen phone with no physical keyboard option, I was nervous. Would I be able to type quickly? How often will I screw up? How long would it take me to get used to typing on it? Thankfully, for me, I got used to typing on a touch screen rather quickly, but for others, there is no turning away from physical keyboards. That’s where the Magneti Bluetooth Keyboard comes in.

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The Magneti Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone 5/5s combines one rather old technology with a relatively new one: Magnets and Bluetooth connectivity. The Magneti comes in two parts, a slim case that hugs your phone like any other slim iPhone case, which has four very strong magnets inside. The other piece is the keyboard itself, which also has two magnets attached to the top of the keyboard. These magnets allow the keyboard to remain connected to the case both while the keyboard is hiding behind the phone and the keyboard is out and in use. These magnets are so strong that they can support the weight of the phone, so you can hold the phone by the keyboard and it won’t fall off. The fact that the keyboard is connected using magnets also gives you the option to leave the keyboard at home, while still using the slick black and silver slim case.

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The keyboard itself is a fantastic way to type, although having been typing on a touch screen for years; it was a challenge switching back to a physical keyboard. The keys give you a satisfying click when typing and the keys feel good under your finger. There is also a “function” button on the bottom left which allows an alternate use for all of the buttons, which allows the buttons to be as large as possible. The space bar and enter keys are nicely proportioned to be larger than the regular buttons. The keyboard is charged using the included microUSB cable via the charging port on the side of the keyboard.

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The case and keyboard only weigh 2.5oz and only measure 1/4 of an inch thick, so the case is truly light and slim. My only complaint about the Magneti Bluetooth Keyboard is that if you keep your phone in your pocket, the keyboard is apt to fall off and stay in your pocket when taking out the phone. Granted, it’s a small complaint, but it happened many times while testing the Magneti.

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Overall, I would highly recommend the Magneti Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone 5/5s to anyone who simply can’t get the hang of the iPhone’s touch screen keyboard. The keys feel good underneath your fingers, and it’s an easy way to increase your iPhone typing productivity.

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You can purchase the Magneti directly from Moguls Mobile at their website.

Source: The Magneti Bluetooth Keyboard was provided to me as a review sample by the manufacturer.

What I Like: Very slim and light; Easy to use; Great finger feel for typing; Strong magnets keep keyboard and phone in place.

What Needs Improvement: If the magnets were a little stronger, the keyboard wouldn’t fall off in your pocket.

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