Have Peace of Mind Leaving Valuables at Your Beach Chair with AquaVault FlexSafe

With summer in full swing, my wife and I plan and sign a lot of traveling. When it comes to days spent hanging out in the sun, we usually bring our phones with us; while we could store them in a beach bag, we’d prefer having a bit more security for our valuables while we swim. That’s where AquaVault’s FlexSafe comes in.

Have Peace of Mind Leaving Valuables at Your Beach Chair with AquaVault FlexSafe

HexSafe sent us over their FlexSafe, which is a portable outdoor vault, that according to the company, will protect your things when you step away from them to take a dip in the pool or beach. Prior to receiving this, we both tended to wrap our valuables in a towel, storing them deep in our beach bag with things like juices, soda, which could be really dangerous if you have electronics or things like your wallet in there. Being as though it’s completely water and splash resistant, the FlexSafe allows you, the user, to store your car keys, your iPhone, and more and simply have it sit right in your cup coaster or right beside you so it’s never out of your sight.

Have Peace of Mind Leaving Valuables at Your Beach Chair with AquaVault FlexSafe

I originally saw the product on ABC’s Shark Tank and was pretty interested in how the company decided to incorporate a method of carrying your valuables as well as storing them without things such as sand, water, or other persons prying hands getting into them. No longer do you have to store your smartphone in your shoe as the FlexSafe is portable, durable, and honestly, it just works!

Greated with a very durable, shred proof nylon fabric, the FlexSafe comes with a lock that closely resembles what you’d find on your checked luggage suitcases. The lock itself holds up well, and “beach thieves” would have a hell of a time attempting to get into it without getting frustrated and eventually tossing it aside. Also, the fact that it looks more like a fanny pack and not a safe keeps it from being a sight for stealing eyes. Initially, though, I felt as though the bag should’ve been a bit bigger in size. As someone who carries a Kindle to the beach and my smartphone, I’ll tell you my iPhone fit with ease, my Kindle not so much. So when they say “valuables,” think — things that fit in my back pocket, because that’s exactly who the company is targeting.

Have Peace of Mind Leaving Valuables at Your Beach Chair with AquaVault FlexSafe

In my brief use I’ve enjoyed the FlexSafe, and I feel like it adds a bit more security to your personals, so much so it would even be a great thing to have sitting in a typical hotel to store things as a bit more peace of mind, especially with things like passports. Overall though, for its purpose of securing the smaller items you carry with you, this is the “bag” for you. I personally just wish it were a bit larger.

If you are interested in the FlexSafe by Aquavault, head over to their site.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Durable, great for leaving things in the hotel or even taking to the beach

What Needs Improvement: It’s too small for slightly larger electronics like a Kindle

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