AvoSeedo Lets You Grow Your Own Avocado Tree (Toast Not Included)

I’ve never really given much thought to the seed in an avocado, except to the extent that I’m always worried I’ll lose a finger doing that whole “chop it with the knife and twist” move. But apparently, you can use the seed to grow your own avocado tree. This is normally somewhat complicated, but AvoSeedo 2.0 aims to make it both easy and fun to grow your own pet avocado tree!

AvoSeedo Lets You Grow Your Own Avocado Tree (Toast Not Included)

It’s a little unclear why their Kickstarter calls it a “pet” tree. However, unlike a pet rock, this pet at least needs actual care and shows growth? Also, small children will call anything a pet, my son once patted our robot vacuum and told it what a good job it was doing before feeding it a dust bunny. All jokes aside, the AvoSeedo 2.0 seems designed to get kids to engage with botany. The plastic mold that holds the seed in water is shaped like a bear, and the company provides stickers so kids can decorate and personalize it. They also provide the pot and decorations for the outside as well.

AvoSeedo Lets You Grow Your Own Avocado Tree (Toast Not Included)

Apparently germinating an avocado seed can be finicky and involves spearing the seed with toothpicks. As mentioned above, I worry about slapping it with a sharp knife, so I would definitely not want to add “wood-based puncture wounds” to my list of concerns about the seeds. AvoSeedo 2.0 sounds like a much less dangerous plan. They’re currently raising funds on Kickstarter, where you can back a single kit for $12 (they’ll be $20 at full price). The campaign has a month to go and is almost funded, so prospects look good for them to make their October 2019 shipping goal! Plus, if your tree grows successfully, you can then expand to a field of grains, and DIY your avocado toast … you’re bound to break even eventually!

We’ll be trying our hands at an AvoSeedo kit soon, so stay tuned for a review!

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