Lenovo Refreshes Their Consumer Products for IFA


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Lenovo lavished attention on their business line with a ThinkPad refresher, but heading into IFA they’re showing some love to consumers as well with new lineups in monitors, laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, and desktops!

Lenovo Refreshes Their Consumer Products for IFALenovo Refreshes Their Consumer Products for IFA

If you’re looking for a solid laptop for everyday use, Lenovo’s IdeaPad S540 is excellent, with Windows 10, Intel processors, and a feature called Q-Control, which allows the program to monitor how you use the laptop and adjust the power and processors on the fly to maximize battery life and performance. Look for it in October 2019 for $999.99.

Lenovo Refreshes Their Consumer Products for IFA

Maybe you’re more of a desktop person, and if so, check out the IdeaCentre A540. Lenovo says it was designed to emulate a Chinese Cypress tree, but even without the woodsy connection, it has a gorgeous design with a metallic stand, Qi charger, and optional touchscreen. All that comes in at a budget-friendly $799.99 in September 2019.

Lenovo Refreshes Their Consumer Products for IFA

And for those who are more into ChromeOS, Lenovo has the Chromebook C340 2-in-1, which comes as small as 11 inches or as big as 15 inches and features a 360-degree hinge and touchscreen. There’s also the Chromebook S340, which is more of a traditional laptop with a 14″ touchscreen display and weighing in at only 3 pounds. The C340 will start at $289.99, and the S340 at $249.99, starting September 2019.

Lenovo Refreshes Their Consumer Products for IFA

Meanwhile, Lenovo didn’t forget about monitors, with the Lenovo L28u monitor coming in at a 28in 4k widescreen display. And if that’s not quite what you’re looking for, there’s also the Lenovo G34w Gaming monitor, which has a 34in panoramic curved display, great for gaming, streaming, and pretending you’re secretly part of NASA mission control. The L28u will start at $299.99 and the G34w at $479.99, shipping November 2019 and February 2020, respectively.

Lenovo Refreshes Their Consumer Products for IFA

Finally, there are new tablets too, the Lenovo Tab M7 and M8. These will come in LTE and WiFi options, along with Kid Mode 3.0 to make them even better as family devices. They are TÜV Rheinland certified, meaning they filter out blue light and help reduce eyestrain; they’re also gentle on your wallet, starting at $89.99 for the M7 and $109.99 for the M8, and available in October 2019.

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