Lenovo Refreshes Their ThinkPads to Be Newer, Faster, Thinkier

Lenovo makes an incredible slate of computers, but the ThinkPad line is their flagship. Anything and everything you could want in a PC, you’ll find somewhere in the ThinkPad line. And the new, refreshed lineup of computers showcases how many different ways Lenovo can take laptops to the next level.

There are a few things every new ThinkPad offers: the ThinkShutter to keep the webcam closed when not in use, multi-factor authentication with Windows Hello and fingerprint readers, and yes, that iconic little eraser-sized pointer nub in the keyboard that we all know and love (well, that’s slightly debatable, though it does have some hardcore fans). In any case, there are six new ThinkPads coming to steal your heart and (slightly) dent your wallet!

If you’re the type to work all day, every day, look at the ThinkPad X1 Carbon. This is the 7th generation of the X1 Carbon, with a 6-core 10th gen Intel processor, with 18.5 hours of battery life that can be recharged to 80% in 60 minutes with Rapid Charge. And yes, I did want to see how many numbers I could cram into one sentence. The X1 Carbon will come with a few different 14″ screen options, as well as Dolby Atmos speakers, and it clocks in at a positively svelte 14.9mm and 2.4 pounds. So not only will the battery go all day, but your back will, too, thanks to the lighter weight! Expected availability September 2019, starting at $1,479.

Maybe you like a computer with a little more flexibility. Enter the ThinkPad X1 Yoga 4th gen, with up to 6-core 10th gen Intel processors, and offers the Rapid Charge 80% in 60 minutes feature as well as 18.3 hours of battery life (so specific!). In addition, the X1 Yoga 4th gen comes with Dolby Atmos, an integrated ThinkPad Pen Pro, and clocks in at under 2.9 pounds. If you’re looking for a computer with pen input and the flexibility to watch a movie or mark up a presentation, keep an eye out for the X1 Yoga, coming September 2019, starting at $1,609.

Now, if what you need is a classic ThinkPad, look to the ThinkPad T490. It comes with i7 10th gen processors, Dolby premium audio, 15 hours of battery life and Global LTE, so you’ll stay connected no matter where you are. The T490 is expected to be available starting October 2019, starting at $1,129.

ThinkPad X390 is another solid laptop, rocking Intel 10th gen core processors, Dolby Audio, 16.8 hours of battery life, and dual far-field microphones so no one is asking “what was that” every few seconds on your conference call. Improve your productivity on the go in October 2019, starting at $1,019.

Finally, if you want to ThinkPad on a budget, there’s the L series. ThinkPad L13 comes with Dolby Premium Audio, 14 hours of battery life, and comes in at just 3.1 pounds. ThinkPad L13 is expected to be available October 2019, starting at $749.

You’re not left out of the flexible computer market though, since the ThinkPad L13 Yoga offers a flip around screen as well. You still get the Dolby Premium Audio and Rapid Charge of the X1 Yoga, just without the ThinkPad Pen included. Look for it in October 2019, starting at $919.

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