TripIt’s Latest Update Is iOS 13 Friendly and Adds Neighborhood Safety Scores

Traveling abroad could already be a bit daunting, and if you’re not familiar with your surroundings, and want to find out very important details without looking completely like a tourist, TripIt’s latest update is here to help.

TripIt’s Latest Update Is iOS 13 Friendly and Adds Neighborhood Safety Scores

The most recent update to the app brings some features that users will absolutely love, starting with giving you access to Neighborhood Safety Scores. If you’re not familiar with Safety Scores, TripIt now shows users a separate safety rating for the neighborhoods that you will be visiting from day and night, which is great for keeping you safe in areas they might change when the sun goes down. I know I could’ve used this a few times on my most recent trips, but I’m very happy that TripIt has decided to implement this now with the iOS 13 release that was released today as well. Being able to see the safe, and unsafe areas during peak or off-peak hours is helpful, even mores that Google’s traditional “peak times” when searching for your favorite lodging, restaurants, and activities in any said area. 

TripIt’s Latest Update Is iOS 13 Friendly and Adds Neighborhood Safety Scores

According to TripIt:

Now TripIt shows safety scores from 1 to 100 for neighborhoods around the world, representing low to high risk. These scores cover a variety of categories, including a new LGBTQ category.

  • Physical harm: including muggings, drug activity, gang prevalence, and police presence
  • Women’s safety: including verbal harassment, physical assault, violence directed against women, and adequacy of women’s support facilities
  • Health and medical: including environmental pollution and contamination, illnesses, regulation of sanitary conditions, and access to medical care
  • Political freedoms: including political unrest, limited political rights, and incidences of riots and protests
  • Theft: including petty theft, pickpocketing, burglaries, auto theft, and grand theft
  • LGBTQ safety: including the likelihood of harm or discrimination against LGBTQ persons or groups and level of caution required at a location

In partnership with TripIt, GeoSure is pleased to launch the first hyper-local safety awareness solution specifically fortraveling LGBTQ persons,” said Michael Becker, CEO of GeoSure. “Whether traveling for business or leisure, our singular focus is providing the most rapid safety awareness, granular to the neighborhood level, to help travelers have the smoothest and most enjoyable trip experience possible. Along with Women’s Safety, the LGBTQ Safety ratings further provision travelers with the most scaled and timely understanding of safety available.

TripIt’s Latest Update Is iOS 13 Friendly and Adds Neighborhood Safety Scores

What’s more, is the fact that the Neighborhood safety scores aren’t behind the paywall; they are available for ALL users on both Android and iOS. If you choose to use TripIt Pro, you’ll also get access to international Travel tools that might make that trip that much better. And when you update to iOS 13 starting today, you’ll find that TripIt now supports Dark Mode which is fantastic if you hate having a white background in your apps.

For more details on Neighborhood Safety Scores by TripIt, head over to their site today.

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