Waterfield’s Tech Folio Is a Great Accessory for the Road (or Desk) Warrior

We’re huge fans of Waterfield SFBags’s products. When they announced their new Tech Folio, we knew we had to get our hands on it for review. Fortunately, it didn’t disappoint. The Tech Folio is a fantastic way to carry and organize cables, batteries, and other assorted electronics. I’m a huge fan, and it’s now a fixture in my bag! The Waterfield Tech Folio is described as Waterfield’s “next generation gear case.” It is part of the growing number of products the company has developed based on feedback from the Waterfield community. Yes, there is a “Waterfield community” filled with those of us who swear by the company’s products.

Waterfield goes on to describe the Tech Folio this way:

A pocket for every gadget. The Tech Folio is the professional’s everyday carry for storing adapters, dongles, cords and cables, power chargers, SD cards, an external drive, earbuds, phone, tablet, and more. Designed specifically for those who take their gadgets everywhere, the unique pocket-storage system makes it quick and easy to store uncoiled cords and is flexible enough to protect bulky and slim devices. It’s also great for carrying personal items. The larger capacity Tech Folio Plus is taller, wider, and holds more gear for those who require space.

As is the case with all of Waterfield’s products, the Tech Folio is crafted in Waterfield’s workshop by a skilled team in San Francisco.

When ordering the Tech Folio there are two main options. You can get the folio in 1050 Denier Ballistic Nylon or you can get it in waxed canvas. I like both but gravitate toward their waxed canvas.

Both have full grain leather accents. The Tech Folio, the product I use and am reviewing, measures 10.5” long b 8” h by 2” wide. It is small enough to carry on its own or inside a bag, and it can hold a 10.5” iPad or a tablet or similar size. It weighs just under one pound. 

The larger Tech Folio Plus measures 13” by 10” by 2” and weighs a pound and a third. It is large enough to hold a 12.9” iPad or, if you prefer, a 13” MacBook Pro. The ability to use the Tech Folio Plus with a MacBook Pro initially made me regret not requesting the larger size for review but, for me, having the smaller version that can be thrown into any bag made it the more useful accessory for my needs. Your mileage may vary.

Both have a grab handle but, in each case, you also have two small loops and use them with either Waterfield’s 1” Suspension Strap or their 1” Simple Strap. I primarily see the Tech Folio as something to carry inside a bag or backpack so the ability to add straps isn’t much of a draw for me.

Waterfield recommends the Folio as a great way to carry such items as power and sync cables, power bricks, dongles and adapters, a mouse, an external hard drive, external batteries, a phone, earbuds etc.

The Tech Folio I received is primarily made from waxed canvas. I love this material because it looks great without being too serious and, over time, it develops wear marks that help make each Tech Folio unique. The lower portion of the Tech Folio has a leather accent that, like the waxed canvas, will age and develop a beautiful patina.

Waterfield used a sealed zipper in the construction of the Tech Folio so it offers added protection to your delicate, and often pricey, accessories. The pulls are made of nylon and the pull caps are a nice metal that will put up with years of use.

At the back of the Tech Folio, there is a strap that, initially, looks like the strap you find on bags and backpacks that can go over the handle of your rollaboard. In this case, however, the strap is designed to make it easy to pick up the Tech Folio when it is time to go.

The front compartment has a single pull and unzips along the sides and top. When opened, it reveals the first of numerous storage areas.

The inside of this pocket is lined with the bright gold material that makes finding your items a bit easier. There are a large pocket and three open pockets at the back and a small, mesh area at the front that can hold a few cables or earbuds. Each of these pockets is open but, because this entire area can be zipped closed, you won’t have to worry about the items you place there falling out.

The second zipper runs along the top, bottom, and side. It has two pulls so you can open it from either the top or the bottom. When unzipped, the Tech Folio opens to lay flat. This makes it easy to both load and use the items inside. The interior of this part of the Tech Folio employs the bright liner.

On the left, there are two zippered pockets. The top pockets are a bit larger than the bottom one, and both are constructed from a black mesh that lets you see what is inside.

On the right side, there are four pockets. The top two are smaller versions of the zippered mesh pockets on the left side while the pockets are the bottom is open and constructed from a black felt. At the very top, there is a hidden pocket that is open and sized to hold a 10.5” iPad Pro or any tablet that size or smaller. The result is a small folio that is ideal for carrying all of your computing accessories.


  • Opens flat to reveal a pocket-storage system that is flexible tor carrying cables & cords, slim or bulky items, tech gear or personal items.
  • Cable management is a breeze–– no need to coil. Just bunch it up, zip it in the pocket in seconds.
  • Transparent mesh pockets let you see at-a-glance all the items you have stored. Deep, plush pockets expand to protect odd-sized objects.
  • Rounded zipper front pocket makes it easy to quickly get items in or out.
  • Front pocket for quick-access items like phone, pen, Apple Pencil, Surface Pen, earbuds, etc.
  • Double zippers in the main compartment enable in-case charging.
  • Carrying options: use grab handle at the back or attach a Suspension Strap (optional).
  • Can use on its own or insert in other bags.
  • Full grain leather front panel develops a beautiful patina.

When I got the Tech Folio, I spent a fair amount of time deciding what to put into it and where the best location was for each of the items. The result looks like this:

One of the open pockets on the lower right side of the Tech Folio’s interior holds an external battery from Nomad. (Read the review.)

The other open pocket holds the HyperDrive port replicator for the 13” MacBook Pro. (Read the review.)

The zippered upper pocket holds the VogDuo wall outlet I reviewed (Read it) and my Libratone In-Ear earphones.

The upper pocket on the interior of the left side holds an assortment of cables. These mostly come from Nomad, but I have included a few other cables as well. The lower pocket holds an assortment of adapters for both my iPad and my MacBook Pro.

The front pocket of the Tech Folio holds an oh-so-awesome Nomad Battery Cable, a pen, my Apple Pencil and a few other small items. In other words, my Tech Folio holds everything I need to keep my iPad and MacBook Pro going as well as some items that make using these devices more effective and efficient. Best of all, when the zippers are closed, I know the items inside are well protected and, when I change bags, I can simply take the Tech Folio from one bag and throw it into the other one.

For months, I’ve been looking for the right pouch or bag to hold my cables and accessories. Nothing quite fit the bill until the Tech Folio came along. This is, at least for me, the perfect option for carrying everything in one place. In fact, since getting it, I have already had a number of occasions when someone needed a cable or an adapter, and I was able to go into the Tech Folio and lend them what they needed. I love this accessory and know you will too. The Tech Folio has an MSRP of $119 while the Tech Folio Plus is $149. Whichever you choose, I have no doubt you will love its much as I do! Check it out here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Looks amazing and will only get better with age; Fantastic construction; Solid zippers and pulls that won’t fail; Tons of organizational options; Grab handle and cloth loops for attaching a strap

What Needs Improvement: When full it can be fairly heavy; Not inexpensive

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