Ooma Smart Cam Has High-Definition Video, Facial Recognition, and More

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Ooma Smart Cam Has High-Definition Video, Facial Recognition, and More Listen to this article

Ooma Smart Cam Has High-Definition Video, Facial Recognition, and More

The Ooma Butterfleye we reviewed back in 2018 was a great home security camera that I still use to this day, but there were a few things I’d hoped Ooma would eventually update. Seems they listened, as Ooma has announced their next generation Ooma Smart Cam with more to love and view — in, or out of their home.

The Ooma Smart Cam is the brand’s new indoor/outdoor security camera that features high-definition video, facial recognition, and full control of video viewing through the companion Ooma Smart Cam available in the App Store or Google Play. This is a great solution for users who want to be able to view their home from everywhere, from their desk at work, or even their from their living room. Coming complete with facial recognition, you can rid yourself from unwanted notifications when loved and trusted ones are in sight of the camera, thanks to built-in AI. There’s additional cloud storage if you don’t want to use the onboard 16GB of memory to rewatch video clips. In the event you lose power, the Ooma has a backup battery that runs for six months (give or take drainage), which is a great upgrade from the Butterfleye that I currently use.

Ooma Smart Cam Has High-Definition Video, Facial Recognition, and More

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Here are some other features that come bundled in the Ooma Smart Cam that you’ll enjoy as well:

  • Instant video capture – Ooma Smart Cam springs to life almost immediately when motion or a loud noise is detected, starting to record in less than a second. This captures the full context of security incidents, unlike many other security cameras that take two to four seconds to wake up after being triggered.
  • Auto privacy mode – The camera can be set for geofencing, where it is automatically turned off when a user returns home, based on the location of the user’s mobile phone, and automatically turned on when the user departs.
  • Full HD and night vision – Video is recorded in full 1080p HD through a 130-degree wide-angle lens, with noise-canceling digital audio as well as night vision for seeing in full darkness.
  • Two-way audio – The Ooma Smart Cam contains both a microphone and a speaker. While livestreaming, users can talk to people in range of the camera through the Ooma Smart Cam app on their phones.
  • Seven days of free storage – The cloud service that supports Ooma Smart Cam will store the most recent seven days of clips at no charge. An optional subscription plan extends storage to 30 days.
  • Secure transmission. Ooma Smart Cam uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption when transmitting video from the camera to the cloud and from the cloud to the user’s mobile device, to prevent snooping.
  • Magnetic mount – The included wall mount has a magnetic connection to the camera, making it easy to pop the camera off the mount for charging and pop it back in place when charging is complete. There’s also a standard tripod socket on the back of the camera, compatible with most off-the-shelf indoor and outdoor security camera mounts.

Ooma Smart Cam Has High-Definition Video, Facial Recognition, and More

With regard to cloud storage, you can purchase the Premium plan which gives you 30 days of storage with features like facial recognition and geofencing for $4.99 per camera or $9.99 for two to six camera (obviously having more cameras works out to your benefit).

Available later this quarter for $149.99, you can find out more information about the Ooma Smart Cam directly from their site.

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