Aiwa Makes Partying Portable with the Exos-X8 Speaker

A good speaker can transform a party or event. Everyone gets into their favorite song, it breaks the ice, and it provides sound to fill in those awkward moments when everyone runs out of small talk. Aiwa thinks they’ve put together the ultimate option with their Aiwa Exos-X8 Party Speaker.

The Indiegogo campaign is already fully funded, and they’re accepting new backers for another two weeks with expectations that they’ll ship in January 2020. It’s no surprise they’ve surpassed their goal since the Exos-X8 does everything. Aiwa promises — big sound without distortion, plus they tossed in 4 plugs for microphones in case karaoke night gets REALLY wild. It also has wheels as well as a telescoping handle, 12 hours of battery life, and the ability to also charge your phone. The only thing that’s missing from the perfect tailgate is the ability to also use it as a keg (so Aiwa, if you use that for the next generation, I’ll expect credit!)

However, the real killer feature in the Exos-X8 is Aiwa.FM. Basically, it’s a website you can use to add music to a shared playlist, so everyone at the party doesn’t have to grab one person’s phone or all share the same Spotify playlist. Instead, everyone gets emailed a link so your party can rock to everything from Nirvana to Taylor Swift — or am I the only one with a really eclectic set of friends?

If you’re intrigued by the Exos-X8, you can check out their Indiegogo campaign and back the speakers for only $219 with the expected MSRP of $269 in 2020.

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